2013 IL License Questions

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    I just got my new Sportsmans’ License last week and the little state printer kept asking all kinds of question about last year and what I plan to do this year. It finally started asking how many snipe did I kill last year, and do I plan on going snipe hunting this year. That was enough I told the girl to cancel that transaction and start over and just answer NO to everything.

    Did you guys have a similar experience this year?

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    Well, how many snipe did you kill last year?

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    Not yet, but what is HIP certified ? I know they ask about ducks and such and then you are HIP certified. I believe in order to hunt ducks you have to be HIP… isn’t that an old Huey Lewis song ???

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    they do the hip certification so they can get a guestimate on kill rates etc. but seriously how many snipe didya kill last year?

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    The surveys are very important, you need to answer them truthfully. The DNR uses them to determine what habitat management dollars they give out.

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    Yes, answer them truthfully, the DNR will use the data to try an get some of the license money you paid, that went into the state general fund, to be allocated to the DNR. The HIP certification is required to hunt/harvest certain species(including certain plants) in Illinois and requires hunters to report certain harvest information to the DNR. The HIP is also required to hunt on most(maybe all) state-owned land. It might take a couple minutes, but its better to take the time and answer truthfully than to just put it off. Some of the questions might seem dumb, but there is a Snipe season here in Illinois and people do harvest them.

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