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    I am just curious if anyone has had issues with their strikemaster augers. I bought mine about 4 years ago and have had nothing but problems with it. It is a strikemaster lazer mag and right out of the box it ran terrible and jammed at the bottom of every hole I drilled. I took it in that first year to Big Lake to get it repaired. The hole jamming was because the auger pitch was off. They replaced the auger and said they tunned up the motor also. I still am having issues with the thing. It doesn’t ever want to stay running and I am very irritated with the thing. It just seems that no one else ever complains about strikemaster. I am just looking to see if anyone has any ideas and if it would be worth getting it tuned up again at strikemaster. I also would like to say that I do everything that needs to be done at the end of the season. The fact is this auger has never ran good and I was thinking about just getting rid of the thing.

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    I had a transmission problem with mine 3 years ago when new, they took care of me.

    Dont be afraid to give them a call ask for Mike Kretchmark, they will certainly take care of you, or even take a drive up and have it looked at.

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    Thank you for the update. On another note the rod is awesome! Thanks again.

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    First thing to do is check the gap on the plug, I run mine at .030 you may need to go as high as .035 I use a Champion CJ6Y also run fresh gas with Amsoil at 50:1 ( I run mine at 65:1 ) and about 3oz of seafoam per gallon, fill the tank and start it up and run it hard then let it idle for 10 min hitting the gas every few min to clean things out

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    Mine did exactly what yours does,dumped it on CL and got a solo pro 8″ and I love it.

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    did u open the vent on the gas tank??

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    Yeah…. I know what you’re talking about, mine cuts ice like it frickin’ hates it! So my buddy bought one, Mine is a year older, his I’m almost certain it the same year as yours. His did all the same things, he got a new auger from SM, and that fixed the auger issue, it runs ok now, takes forever to warm up. Fix the auger, and dump it IMHO.

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    I have had my Lazer Mag since 2003 and the idle thing has always been an issue. But I treat it as a non issue… What I mean is that I believe my 2 hsp motor thinks its a motocross bike. I rev it with the thumb bar. It has ran like this since day one..

    this baby tears thru holes like nobody’s business…

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    Ah, so that’s what I’ve been hearing. I thought it some kid out on the ice with a motocross bike. Instead it was just some kid on the ice with a strikemaster.

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    I am brutal on my augers looking to guide another 75 days this winter. When we chase crappies we drill holes for 7 lifetimes compared to the average weekend warrior. I have had a few repairs needed as any piece of equipment would be expected to have based on my usage. The Customer service department and Mechanical expertise at Strikemaster is unequalled IMO. I’d give them a call and explain your issues. I expect they can work through what issue you might be having. If your like me (Not that mechanically inclined it might be a simple fix we just didn’t think of).

    I have the Lazer Mag Express as a back up. A 3hp SOLO as my main auger, and look to add a Strikelite in a couple weeks. Pretty mean line up!!

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    I was at Strikemaster Last week and a guy had a auger that was 4 years old and had to bring it in every year for a $70 tune up. He said he did the seafoam thing and new gas every year. He was upset/mad at this point and service guys tried to help him short of telling him he had a lemon. I think they had a bad run of carbs that year. I have a Strikemaster that is going 8 years old and it runs and cuts like new, fact just put on its first new set of blades and did a carb kit, just because it was that old.

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    Just delt with the same problem with my auger. Here’s a good start. non-oxygenated (premium)gas, Amsoil (I run between 50:1 & 80:1), you can run a hotter plug cj8y (ok with strikemaster)and make sure the air filter is clean. Made a huge difference with mine. hope this helps

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    When I was guiding I beat the piss out of my Strikemaster drilling easy 100 – 300 holes a day, I tried to use a CJ8Y and found that it worked better to just use a CJ6Y and open the gap a little more, up to .035 if you have to go past that then go to the CJ8Y and start at .030 and work up from that,

    When I got this auger it was for the same reason , the guy sold it to me for $50 because it didn’t stay running. I did what I told you to do and it has run perfect every time I needed it, I have drilled well over 5000 maybe closer to 10,000 holes with it and it is now my backup auger

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    I had the same issues when I bought mine new 4 years ago. Brought it to an authorized dealer who tuned it up, tightened the blades, changed the oil to synthetic, and it runs like a champ now and has for the last 3 years. I now run it leaner than the sticker and the manual say to do. This website continues to give great advice.

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    There’s a few other posts out there too. I won’t own another one, even the hand augers I’ve had issues with.
    Father-in-law just gave me his 30 yr old Jiffy(he bought the propane one), gave it swome fresh gas and it started on the second pull…cut about 30 holes the first day out with this dinosaur(orginal blades even) with no problems. I’m sold!

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    it’s funny how the older Jiffy and Strikemaster augers have the same 2hp Tecumseh motor but everyone thinks that one runs better than the other,

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    it’s funny how the older Jiffy and Strikemaster augers have the same 2hp Tecumseh motor but everyone thinks that one runs better than the other,

    Don’t go confusing things with facts… lol

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    I had to steal some carb parts from my jiffy to get my strikemaster going last year after it took a 40mph crash out of a sled
    both are up and running now

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