Marcum LX5 vs. vexilar FL-20

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    O.K. here goes again. I am only doing this because when i was trying to figure out last year which one to buy. it was rediculous trying to figure out which one. I ended up going with the fl20. I do love that thing. but i have only used one flasher in my life. that is my fl20. i would like to ask to please keep this post to ONLY a comarison of the fl20 and the lx5. because lets face it guys. if money is no object for you like it is me when purchasing a flasher. these are the two to compare. not saying im rich, just saying i want the best when i buy a gadget like this. and i dont want to wish i got something better. like i said i already have the fl20. but, i just ordered the lx5 yesterday. i wanted to have 2 units because everytime i take a buddy, they hog my fl20. i want them to like ice fishing so i let them use it. I have only been using a flasher for less than a year. i am in no way biased towards any one of them. I am going to use the two side by side, no B.S. in comparing the two. i am curious to see if the super fine line works the way i hope it does. my vexilar seems like i have to have the gain up so that my jig is showing up as a blob. i cant tell when the fish is exactly on the bait. it works. but id personally like more separation. and thats what it boils down to. if the marcum can do that. who cares about other stuff. and the zoom will rarely EVER be used other than the bottom 6 or 12 feet, so who cares that the marcum zooms in to anywhere in the column. its a freaking horrible experience trying to read and decide between the two for someone who wants to purchase a flasher. im going to do my own comparison in open water. then on the ice. i will continue to post my findings as the ice season gets closer. like i said. the main thing is TARGET SEPARATION when using a flasher. point blank. and as long as you have a good readable screen in sunlight, and can zoom in on bottom so many feet, and see your jig well on top of that. you have yourself a good unit. Again, mainly i want to be able to see my jig as a thin line that doesnt blink and fade out. and be able to distinguish just how close to my jig a fish really is. and how many fish are there not a big blur. i can see my jig real well with the vex. but seems i have to have it as a thick green line to keep it their without blinking off and on. thats when its INSIDE the cone angle no matter what size jig. with 12 and 19 degree ducer at any depth. if a marcum can beat the vex in those aspects, what more is there to talk about. ill switch and sell my vex, end of freakin story. if they are both the same. i guess i will stick with vexilar because of the name and how long all their units last. marcum may last just as long. but i have no way of knowing that yet. as they havnt been a key player in the flasher world as long as vex.

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