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    Well, In my search for a quality auger early this winter I was overwhelmingly led to the Strikemaster lazer. I have enough time on it to give it a honest review. Picked one up, as many may remember it wouldn’t cut a decent hole, got bound and didn’t run real well. After going over the unit, found a chunk of packing tape under one of the blades but still bound once in a while and kind of a tough starter. I had a lengthy conversation with a tech, they admit that some of their augers are “aggressive cutters” meaning they WILL get bound in the hole. So, I returned it for another lazer, with all the great reviews figured I just got a lemon.

    New auger, after drilling 200 holes approx., it started to become a rough starter, 10 pull avg. I used the much raved about customer service, they stuck a new carb on it, ran much better. Well, till this week. Proper gas/oil mix was used.

    Now it’s once again a bear to start, again, many pulls and I can get her to purr and it runs and cuts well once started. Then it’s time to shut it down, nope! Kill switch doesn’t work!! So I have to choke it off. I’ll also mention the oil coming out of the muffler, run of oil along the side. My jacket has a stain from it, while grabbing it out of the back of the truck my jacket bumped the carb…oil stain.

    So looks like another trip to the plant to get it fixed. I take care of my equipment, don’t beat it or leave it in the back of the truck, I store it properly.

    So, one auger, returned for a new one because of problems. Second auger, got a new carb after the first one junked out after a couple weeks and now another trip back for customer service to again have the carb looked at and to fix the kill switch.

    Happy customer? No. This auger has been the fastest/lightest auger i’ve used. But by no stretch of the imagination the most reliable.

    I will be finishing out the rest of the season after having it fixed AGAIN, they need that great customer service!! Come next winter it’ll be sold for a different make. No way after 2 augers and countless problems these are as reliable/solid as so many make them out to be. No need for the “mine runs great” replies…neither of my 2 brand new ones have, many of those type replies are shameless plugs…I’ve learned. It’s great, they have top notch CS but when the augers run and cut like crap no amount of customer service would sway me to buy another strikemaster anytime soon.

    Honest, unbiased review… 2/5 stars. Take it for what it’s worth. ONE UNHAPPY CUSTOMER! May sound harsh but I’m at my wits end.


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