Making a drop down house?

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    I bought an old Jayco camper trailer for a $100. I have it gutted and ready to go for this ice season. But it stands about a foot and 1/2 off of the ice. I can’t afford to go and buy a brand new wheelhouse. So I was wondering if anyone has even cut the wheel’s off of an old camper trailer and found a way to make them drop down so the house will sit on the ice?

    I have looked online but the pictures do not make any sense.

    If anyone would be willing to share some info or even some pics that would help out alot!!

    I am getting the itch real bad!

    Thanks in advance

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    A couple years ago, I took an old apache and made a fishouse out of it. Didn’t drop it down, instead used 6 gallon buckets and dropped them through the floor to the ice to keep my holes open…and/or you could skirt the frame, which would help too. Cheap alternative to making a dropdown.


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    I see alot of old campers here using the bucket idea. Looks like it would work good might need an extension for the auger is all. Strikemaster has those on there site for $5

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    it will be about a $700 project to have a fishhouse place put them on. you can just buy the crackdown wheels at and there are a few other places. the cost changes if you want suspension or not. if you can weld yourself, it is not a huge job but make sure you do your homeowrk before you attempt it becasue if you dont, you inevitably will break down on your way to a fishing trip. the only concern wiht an old camper is that the frames are not as strong as they need to be so you may need to use a full axle. this increases the price becasue metal has gotten so high in price. you cant use your exsisting axle because it needs to extend beyond your camper on both sides. i would say your best bet is to fish it this year as it is, and spend the season looking at other houses and thier axle systems. you can also go to the st paul ice show and get ideas there. it is next weekend. if you wait, you will see how your house works, and if it is worth putting the drop down wheels on it.

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    Thanks for the ideas!

    Sounds like I will be heading to the ice show and buying a few buckets for this winter

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    I’ll be converting a utility trailer over to ice shack. That fishhousesupply link is pretty good. A guy could get carried away….


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    one way to make a skirt which you will help with heating is to buy some silver snap buttons. you can screw one side to the side of the camper, and the other is placed in some rubber or any material. make the material long enough to reach the ice with a little extra to put snow on top of. then just snap it around the outside when you get to the lake. this will keep the wind out and make your holes stay open longer and keep the fishhouse warmer.

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    Not the smoothest ride, but this works well. On my ice house I just have a straight axle running right through the frame with removable spindles that I had made. On each side of the house in the rear there is a boat jack. Jack the house up, pull the pins, take the wheels off, and drop each side down.

    This works great if everything was fabricated well. The only thing as I mentioned, is you don’t have any suspension. It still pulls o.k. though and the house doesn’t ride as rough as you might think.

    It’s worth a look.

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