Tomah WI Cranbery bog info??

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    Has anyone fished the cranberry bogs near Tomah WI in the recent past? I recall seeing a segment on Dave Carlson’s “Northland Adventures” a couple of years ago about the hard water opportunities in this area, but I never followed up with a trip of my own. My questions are very general….not looking for anyone’s ace in the hole:

    How do I find bogs/ponds that offer public fishing?
    Where is the nearest bait/tackle shop?
    How much does it cost (for those waters that don’t have public access)?
    What’s the fishing like, in general….I’m a flag watcher by trade, but I’m assuming that these waters are mostly panfish producers?

    Thanks in advance for your input!

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    Hey brooktrout,
    I just started heading over there last year. Your best bet is to head to Rosco’s bait shop in Tomah at 203 arthur street. Phone #608-372-4326. He will help you out on what bogs are public and so forth. The show you watched on TV was at Dennis Resin’s place and he charged $3.50 for the day last year…I watched that same show. Not bad since we got a handful of nice bluegills. I think he has 4 ponds you can fish and they vary in what you are fishing for. They have 2 main bluegill ponds and 2 bass/northern tip-up ponds. His place is about a mile east out of tomah on hwy 21. You take a right after the first set of ponds you see and drive up to the house. There is a spot to pay at the second house by the door. All you do is put your money in and go fish. He has a few parking areas marked. You can’t fish every pond, so be sure to ask which ones you can. I think the bass tip-up one is on your left as you drive in and the bluegill pond is past the houses, to the right, and up the little hill. Your best bet is to stop at Rosco’s place and he will show you a few other places that are free, but I have been happy with Dennis’s place so far. All I ask is you PM me if you ever get into them over there so I can make the trip too There might be some Tomah locals that might give a little more info than this. Let me know if you have other questions, but this should definitely get you going in the right direction. Ted

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    Thanks LCR, that’s just the info I was looking for!

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