Whats The Best Line For Ice Fishing?

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    What is everyones opinion on what line is the best for ice fishing? What weight for panfish? For walleyes? Thanks, Bill

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    Bill,excellent question for us ice heads.I’ll give you what I use for different applications.
    Gills,I make sure that I have a Fluorocarbon leader on at all times when fishing clear water bulls.At times we go as light as 2# test as your 4-6# can be to heavy and the gills will feel that extra line weight.Your West Okoboji gills are the hardest fish to catch during your ice fishing season.You’ll catch them easy during the open water peak season but through the ice they are very spooky.
    Eyes and perch.I put these together as we catch alot of eyes perch fishing on Spirit Lake or vice versa.I like the 4-6# Trilene Cold Weather line in the artic blue color.It is very easy to see when you re-tie hooks,jigs,etc.When fishing inside were it’s warm I’ll have a reel spooled with 6# Fireline in the charcoal color.Excellent line for ice fishing,but not out in the elements as it will assorb water easily.
    Ryan Hale

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    Gotta have 2lb Cortland in high vis green for the slabs and the gills.

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    Hands down my fav. is Berkley Micro Ice in the 2-4# test for panfish (very low memory).When after toothy critters Berkley Micro Ice fireline.

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    My fav for panfish is P-Line Fluoroice.
    I know of a lot of people that like the berkley line, but I dont. I know Ecnook has a super secret line that he’ll probably share for winter panfishing, and Ive also had good luck with that as well.

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    I use 2# Berkley Micro Ice also when ice fishing for gills & crappies. I may try some high visibility line this year to help with bite detection.

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    I’m gonna give the mirco ice a try this winter for panfish. I have always used the Berkley cold weather in the past with excellent success. I have (2)rods with 4lb vanish (2)with 6lb vanish for walleye. I like 2&3 lb on my panfish rods.

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    In my opinion Micro Ice is junk. That is about the only way I can say it. Vanish or P-Line are the way to go if you fish really clear lakes. Some guys prefer High Vis line, however it is not for me. I have tried about every line possible and for overall use I consistanly go back to Vanish. I am on my 4th year using Vanish in the winter. Very durable line! They are not a sponsor of mine either, they just make a good product.

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    I like P-line the best…

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    P-Line Fluoroice is what I use. A little hard to find and a little on the expensive side, but worth the money when not having to respool during the ice fishing season…

    Take care!

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    I’d like to give P-Line a try this year. What pound test for walleye and panfish?


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    Jon, I use 6lb on one of my spinning reels and 8lb on the other. I’ve yet to have either fail. If I had to use 6lb on both, I wouldn’t think twice about it.

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    I’m one of those freaks that uses 1 lb test. Heck, ten years ago in high school we would use black sewing thread on those old plastic pole/reel rigs. No, I don’t snap very often, needs a soft rig with just a little backbone at the very butt end. Large bass and Pike can reek havoc, but I have landed several up to 30 inches. (hooked on the lip, of course) I find it very entertaining, and large gills and crappies must all be fought until the end. And thats why I go fishing anyway.

    Oh ya, the 1975 South bend ultra-light spinning reel with the loose bail doesn’t cut it. You need the something smoooooooth.

    Have fun guys, see ya on the backwaters.

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    Jon, Go with the 2# and 6#. P-line has little stretch. Also take note that P-line has several lines on the market. The Floroice is made for ice fishing. The other P-line lines have too much memory for small reels.

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    What’s the best line for Ice Fishing?

    I like my wife’s line the best…”Are you keeping that little thing?”

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    Stren High Vis.(yellow) with a flor. leader.Tied together with a uni knot.Best of both worlds.2lbs. test

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    Did you hear about the one where the guy painted
    a X on the bottom of his Ice shack?

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    Hands down my fav. is Berkley Micro Ice in the 2-4# test for panfish (very low memory).When after toothy critters Berkley Micro Ice fireline.

    Lebruce, keep in touch, and we’ll compare my 2Lb regular clear berkley with your’s, expecially in clear water

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