Jiffy Pro 4 Lite??

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    I know its new, what are your thoughts on the Jiffy Pro 4 Lite? I am also looking at the new Clam Auger it has the Solo engine.

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    I got one a couple weeks ago and so far I really like it. It hasn’t gotten a real world test yet, but it’s been sitting in the cold garage and still starts in two or three pulls initially and then first pull every time after that. It’s so simple to use. I bought it because it’s idiot proof and so far so good.

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    Much better than the old Pro 4 since it’s lighter, I would look at the Strikemaster, even lighter yet.

    There is a Strikemaster with the Honda 4 stroke in the Classifieds at a good price!!!!

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    Make sure to punch a few holes with them and see if you like a chipper blade compared to a lazer blade. I ran some Jiffys last year, personally I still like my 224 8″.

    Jiffy was an awesome auger, cut nice, easy starts and I felt they have a leg up as the blades and auger freezing up compared to the other brands.

    The things I didn’t like was they were messy, when you punched through they seemed to throw a lot more water and soaked your legs more than normal. As I got used to the auger I would throttle down before punching through and it helped, but still left me thinking it wasn’t the right fit for me and having my bibs more water logged than I have ever been helped confirm that. I punch a lot of holes in a day, to me the Jiffy felt heavier and bulkier than my Strikemaster and when you carry an auger around in 12″ of snow that makes a big difference.

    Sad part is, in my perfect world I wish they made the jiffy power head with a Strikemaster auger and cutting system.

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