Marcum vs380 vs 385

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    I’m thinking of upgrading from the 380 to the 385…For those of you that have the 385 is it worth it to go through selling my camera and then spending the 350 on the 385???or are they pretty close?? Thanks for any input

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    I have a VS625SD so I can really only speak to the color screen feature…I honestly don’t think it’s worth the extra $$, most of the time I can see better with the screen B&W anyways.. If I could do it all again, I’d get one of the used VS820′s people have for sale on craigslist, it’s really all about screen size with marcums, the camera’s are typically the same… The onscreen features of the SD’s are more of a novalty, I typically turn them off to get the clutter off the screen, just my 2c

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