What’s the best Fishing/GPS/Lakemap app for ios?

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    I’m looking to purchase a GPS marker/lake map app for my iphone, what’s the best? Navionics Marine & Lakes app? I’m looking for lake depth charts and the ability to easily mark hot spots when found..

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    Right now that is the only one available that I know of, works very well but eats battery, so make sure you kill the app when your not using it.

    If you do not know how to kill an app, here is the process. Press the home button twice quickly, this will bring up all active apps on the bottom of the screen, press and hold one of them until they wiggle and have the – symbol on them, then just touch the – and they disappear.

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    Yep Navionics Iphone app.

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    Dose this app cover a lot of the smaller lakes in Wisconsin

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    The GPS is what kills the battery, so you can toggle the GPS off when you aren’t using it and still have the app open to scout potential spots.

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    I use Navionics religiously, and I love it! Just like he^^ said though, make sure your phone is charged and that you don’t leave the “track” on because it will drain that baby quick. I haven’t looked at many WI lakes, accept I know mallieniu does not have a good depth chart unfortunately.

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