Clam shelter pole

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    I’ve checked gander, Cabelas, fleet farm and I can’t find any clam shelter replacement poles. Anyone know if I can get them anywhere besides online? I owe my dad one pole that fell down the magnetic hole. It’s on the bottom of lake of the woods now. If you see a giant mark on your flasher this winter it could be the pole.

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    I don’t think this is the kind of item a retail store would carry. I think you’ll need to call Clam Corp. Customer Service for a replacement part.

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    I think you are right. Thanks James.

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    Clams’s website has parts you can order, including poles

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    I had a similar issue last year. I ordered mine online, that will be the easiest route. I haven’t looked lately but Clam will sometimes run some pretty good deals on that stuff. I know I got the pole I needed for a pretty reasonable price along with ordering a few other things that were on sale.

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    Contact Clam. Last year I broke a pole on my hub shelter due to excessive force and when I contacted Clam they sent me 2 complete sides of a hub (8 poles total). So now I have seven replacements. And they were free. I would give them a call.

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