When is Lake of The Woods ICE fishing the BEST???

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    Looking at heading up the Lake of the Woods this winter so what month and time frame would be ideal? Anyone have a good place in mind as to who to book a trip thru. THANKS

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    The end of March or first part of April lots of fish plus some really big fish making they’re way to the rainy. I like Adrains or Zipple Bay these 2 places win hands down in customer service of all the LOTW resorts.

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    Either Early as possible or late as possible are the BEST. All time are good though. My personal favorite is late. Getting out as far as possible because the snow is gone and the weather is getting warm.

    As Tim mentioned Zippel is great, IMHO as good as it gets on LOw for accomidations and hospitality from Nick and Deanna. -Mark

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    We did early ice,one year,& I ended up with 2 10 pound replicas,honestly its fishing,you never know.

    Thats why I try to go as often as I can.

    (if your group is is flexible keep an eye on the reports,then head up when it’s game on)

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    We go in January and March.

    Fishing is good in both months but March is usually warmer and the days are longer.

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    At sundown when I was there was a shut off bite as was the mid day. Early and late was best in January.

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