Cabela’s Employee Pricing?

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    I got a card in the mail the other day with a Promo Code that will allow employee pricing on “In-Store” purchases. Anybody get one of these before? How much of a discount is it? Is the pricing good for everything purchased that day?


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    It varies by product. Clothing with the Cabela’s logo will have the most savings. Crankbaits and items with minimal mark-up will have the least savings. Their Customer service is great about looking up the discounts on a product for you.

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    Thanks for the post I got the same card the other day as well and was wondering the same thing, might have to make a trip over there as I am in need of some new camo shirts for deer hunting.

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    I called the Prairie du Chien Cabela’s yesterday about this. She said the discount is from 5% to 25%. With the cabela brand products having the largest discount

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    Thanks. If I make a trip, is there any way to see what the price is before checking out? Or do you just “get what you get?”

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    Just take the item to one of the other registers throughout the store and give them the sku number with your card and they will look it up for you.

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    Thanks, Dan.

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