Walleye Weight Formula?

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    I was wondering if anyone knows the formula for calculating a walleye weight? Length and Girth? I found quite a few calculators online but most of them are WAY off. Walleye Central has one that’s pretty accurate, but I’d like to know the formula. Any one have any suggestions?

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    length X length x length divided by 2700

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    Multiply length times girth squared. Then divide by 800 to get weight in lbs. Has worked well compared when compared to my Rapala digital scale.

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    I’ve caught 25 inch fish that pushed 7.5 lbs. I’ve caught 29 inch fish that were a shade over 6 lbs. Here is my basic guide that is as close as any formula:

    25 inch = 5 lbs
    26 inch = 6 lbs
    27 inch = 7 lbs
    28 inch = 8 lbs
    29 inch = 9 lbs
    30 inch = 10 lbs


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    Jons is fairly accurate… for spring I would subtract about 1/2 lb. for spawned out

    big G

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    Here is the chart the MN Walleye Searchers use.



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    Thanks guys, Jon your scale is what I normally go by but if you get one that’s either skinny or super girthy it’d be nice to know roughly what it weighed. I caught a 31″ x 18″ on the Rainy River that went 13.0 lbs even. Based off of my calculations the formula Don Miller posted (Girth X Girth X Length divided by 800) came very close. I don’t weigh a lot of fish so I don’t have any other examples to test out this formula.

    If any one catches a big walleye give this formula a try I’d love to hear how close it is. Thanks for the help guys.

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