Deeded access, what it means

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    When a real estate listing for property lists a deeded lake shore access what are they talking about? Is it generally just a strip of land down to the lake? Will it be big enough for a dock or just walking down to waters edge?

    Any help would be great.

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    It could mean just a walkway… it could be an actual boat ramp. Deeded access just means, you have a legal right, to use it as it is deeded. It should be spelled out and recorded at the local courthouse. You don’t own the property, just have a right to cross it to access the lake.

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    I have a deeded access property!!!! For me this means I can not only use the access at any time but I can also put a dock out or rent one of the slot on an existing dock… If you live in an association with bylaws it should go into detail if not hopefully I have helped!!!!!! Now with that being said it is also private property that belongs to the people of the association! So anyone not a resident that decides to use this is technically trespassing, but they are only trespassing if it is properly posted…

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    Thanks for the replies.

    This is for a partial of land for sale. As example it will read 40 acres with deeded access to lake X. So what you guys are saying is that there is no standard size for the deeded access and each partial can vary? Also if I understand there would be no lake shore taxes associated with a deeded access?

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