Hand lotion?

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    I work outside and can’t wear full finger gloves to do my job, my hands and fingers take a beating from the cold, dry, cracked, small cuts. I’ve tried most over the counter lotions available they work ok but lose their protective qualities after washing, or just wear off in a short amount of time, or feel greasy and slimy.

    It’s going to be a long winter, what do you guys use to keep your hands from getting so beat up, and in decent shape so they don’t hurt all day? I know the key is to reapply during the day but that’s not available most days.

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    Udder balm.Apply some at night and sleep with gloves or socks on your hands.
    I have to wash my hands 20 or more time a day at work and this stuff works if you do the night thing.

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    Yup…….Udder balm.

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    Udder balm works ok theres a lotion called Revive its sold by mostly private dealers can be hard to find stuff works magic

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    Neutrogena hand cream is very good. Also the old standby…Cornhuskers lotion.

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    I actually tried Some from Duluth Trader, I believe it is the best I have ever used.

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    Udder balm over night has worked well for me.

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    O’Keeffe’s Working Hands or Working Feet is the best i have found.

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    Been using some lotion called DERMSIL. Get it at our dollar store. Best stuff I have found so far.


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    Ok, I might take some grief for this but I was complaining to my wife one day about dry cracked hands after fishing all day and she gave me some of this:

    Mary Kay – Extra Emollient Night Cream

    Wow is all I can say, you can feel it working. Don’t beat me up to badly over this as its not as manly as something called udder balm but it really works….


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    Wow is all I can say, you can feel it working. Don’t beat me up to badly over this as its not as manly as something called udder balm but it really works….

    What do you think they originally put udder balm on?

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    I have naturally dry skin, and the best stuff I have found is Vanicream. I think I got it at Walmart. Kinda spendy-$12.19 for a 1 lb cup? Just scoop it out. Kinda oily, but works for me!!

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    X2 on Udder Balm another good one is Corn Huskers.

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    This is discussed on most trapping sites every year for all the guys/gals who deal with wet hands in the winter months. We were very fortunate to have a couple chemical engineers for a few of the major brands of lotions out there chime in with non-bias information.
    The key to ANY lotion working is to presearve the existing miosture in the skin – NOT REPLENTISH it! Buy a lotion with a higher content of lanolin (sp??). Supprisingly, many of the lower cost lotions are better. Wash your hands, and apply while they are still damp. Aviod using soaps with alcahol contents as they will dry your hands out the quickest. For the extreme cases of cracks and bleeding, wash your hands, apply lotion hile damp, and wear latex gloves until sores are healed.

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    I have to tell you this great secret! Go anywhere that carries vitamins get started taking vitamin E 500 mg. gel type every morning! I delievered Pepsi for 25 years, And a trucker that delievered groceries told me! And keep using your lotion too! You won’t believe how it helps.

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    The Medicated Udder Balm. I even use it on my feets. Not sure why but they don’t seem to get as cold anymore as they use to. You have to really rub it in to get the good from it. And it even wipes out athletes foot. It’s the best we’ve found, and she’s been buying lotions for many years.

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    udder balm. About $5 at Wal Mart.

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    Udderbalm and Vit “E” are great! My thumbs crack and bleed. Also, ucerin (sp) works better than Udderbalm for me. Works much faster. Atleast for me it does.

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    I still use the good old fashion Bag Balm myself. Used it on the farm and still use it now.

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    If you can find it, SBS-40 Medicated Skin Cream.

    It has Lanolin also and seems to help healing better than others.


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    I’m ready to try anything, thanks for the tip on Vit E…all my fingers are taking a beating just typing this! Sick of wearing gloves every dang night, it helps but when I return onto the ice within minutes….here it goes again…

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    I’ve been on the Vitamin E kick for over a week now, and I just returned from fishing the past 4 days. Besides a couple minor cracks in my fingers I feel no pain, but the other guys didn’t fair so well. I heard several complaints of “my fingers hurt…” I think they will be taking some too.

    Thanks philputnam for sharing! You saved me lots of pain.

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    At the risk of being beat up, I agree with cougereye. Mary Kay pink overnight stuff! Works great on diaper rash too, that’s originally why we had it in the closet.

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    I like to soak mine in cider

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    We have GOJO hand medic at work… stuff works great.

    big G

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    Avon Moisture Therapy. Spendy stuff, but you do not need much. As mentioned earlier, it is important to use these just after washing your hands.

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    Any Gold Bond lotion! I’ve had the best results w/ that stuff! Not cheap….but ya get what ya pay for! I usually put some on b/f bed (when I remember) and can tell a difference every morning!

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    I used to use utter balm all the time until I found Burt’s Bee’s hand salv in the yellow can. It’s great stuff. The first time you use it you’ll notice it’s oily for only a couple minutes. It soaks in quickly and if you do have any cracks that hurt it will take the sting out of it instantly. I have cans of it everywhere. I have one in the truck, the boat, and even one in my ice shack sled.

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    Out of the all the “stuff” this site brings to light…..I never would have guessed a two page blog on hand lotion.

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