Dish Network cutting off bottom/top of picture

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    I saw the post referencing Dish Network and figured I would ask the Dish Network subscribers: I have Dish Network and a 60″ wide screen television and can not figure out how to keep the top and bottom from being cut off within the picture. Particularly, football scores, and the banners that run along the bottom of the screen (CNN, CNBC etc….). I believe I have adjusted all the picture settings. Is this simply normal..or is there another solution? Thanks in advance for any replys.

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    I’d retry the settings. When we had Dish Network, we never experienced that issue.

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    check your TV settings as well. Sounds like you need to adjust the format.
    Is this for HD? If so are you seeing any difference between the HD channels and standards?

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    Check format, aspect ratio, and zoom. Check both the TV and the Sat box for these settings.

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    You should have an option in the screen format for the ratio or perspective. There should also be an option to Auto – format when not in widescreen format (commercials, some shows,…) I had that with my TV for a day untill I found the right setting to click. I also had to adjust the height on the screen. I flipped through my options and couldn’t find it (I hope I never need to adjust it again – LOL) but after I had the right perspective, the banner on top was partially cut off. The height adjustmet took care of it. All were settings on the TV – Nothing with the sateliet

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    if you have hd there is a format button on the remote, ours is on the bottom left that you have to adjust according to whether the channel you are watching is in hd or not. there are like 4 settings of different levels of zooming in or out.

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