96′ Chevy Tahoe won’t start

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    Hi All:
    I have a 1996 Chevy Tahoe and it only starts when it’s really hot outside, never at night or now (in Winter) I have taken it to 3 repair shops including the Dealership (who had it for 6 weeks) and none of them can find the problem. It will turn over but not fire up, It will start to fire as the day gets warmer???, Am I screwed or is there light at the end of the tunnel?
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    You need to take it to someone who knows what he is doing. I find it hard that 3 different people could not find a problem.
    Unless it is one of those that only acts up at your house and never in the shop.

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    Have you tried dynamite?

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    it could be so many things. with what you posted it would be hard to give you any advise on what to start looking at first

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    First off, Welcome to IDO Colin I cannot believe a dealer could not solve the problem. A no start, is one of the easiest things to diagnose, with the proper scan tool. Turns over, check, has spark, check, has fuel, check… should be an easy fix. A simple thing to try, would be to put some Isopropyl in the tank… sounds like a poor fuel issue, if it does it in this weather. Anything above freezing, it should start if that is the problem. Where are you located, maybe I could recommend a reputable shop. I am at a Chrysler dealer, but I work with alot of other dealers on issues. Again welcome PS, when does a full size truck, get better gas mileage than a small import ??? When the imports are stuck in 6 inches of snow in the ditch along 94 with their engines running….

    big G

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    Colin where are you located ?
    I have seen GM coils act like this in the past ,but without being able to test it I couldnt say for sure, and even some of GM distributor modules did the same thing. once agian without testing nobody could say for sure.

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    Hi ,we had a 97 and the darn thing would start 1 day and not the next day . It was the fuel pump shorting out once and while the shop called me up and said nothing was wrong so we went to pick it up and the darn thing would not start again so we put new fuel pump in and still running.

    From Jeff good luck.

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    I am having the same problem with my ’96 Tahoe (including a dealer who could not find a problem). Cold, will crank, no start. Some times if I return the key to the off position, then try starting, it will start. In any event, if I give it a shot of starter fluid, it will fire, even in the coldest weather. It is like the engine is not getting the right combustion signals for a cold start. Any thoughts? Took it to an independent shop that could not find anything wrong, either.

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