Skis for trailer?

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    Has anybody ever tried putting skis on a trailer to pull it across the snow and ice?

    I think we all have pulled a trailer out onto a lake and watched everything bounce around all over the place because the wheels fall into every rut.

    I’m thinking of building some to go underneath a snowmobile trailer and want to know if anybody has seen this work or not work.

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    I have never built anything like this but at the ice fishing show there was a 4-wheeler I believe that had the front wheels straped to skis so they wouldn’t spin and chains on the rear wheels…good luck

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    I have seen it work.

    I built a pair for a buddy of mine. He uses them from time to time on his wheel house. We found it was much easier to pull with the skis vs. trying to drag the tires thru the snow. It was the first time I made anything like it, but everytime he uses them he comments on how nice they work.

    They had a metal frame that was lined with plastic. The tire just slipped in to the frame and the weight of the trailer does the rest. The plastic was UHMW. I don’t know if you are familiar with it, but on ice and snow it is super slick. (I have access to some of it at work)

    If you want more info, shoot me a PM. I can see if he could send me a picture

    Hope this helps

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    I built a set a few years ago for a 8×10 alum. Picked up a used set of snowmobile skis on craigslist, $20. A couple wide ratched straps from unclaimed freight, $10. Took some 1″ square tubing(had it laying around), cut 8 pieces 10″ long and 4 pieces the width of the tire. Welded up four “U’s”. The front U was welded solid to the ski at an angle forward so the tire would roll into it, the rear U was bolted through the ski with a couple spacers to keep the U centered. The reason for the rear U bracket being loose was so I could pull the trailer right over the ski rather than having to lift the trailer and set it down on the ski. Once the wheel was forward and fit into the front bracket I would flop the rear bracket up, a ratchet strap snugged them down. Did that make any sense??

    Wish I had pics or even the ski’s so I could take pics but they were sold with the trailer. They worked great the few times I used them. They even had nice carbides which made towing across ice easy as it would track straight rather than fishtail.


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    Genz/Ice team does this Pretty slick setup.

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    I’m liking the ideas! I have already priced out the steel tubing and plastic to use for these and its fairly reasonable ….so far:)

    When I get the set built I will take pictures.

    p.s. Always looking for investors…

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    I built a wooden sled on ski’s that I pull on foot. The Ski”s are reg. length mounted under a 2′ x 6′ 3/8 plywood platform with 6v 1″ x 10″ uprights and a 1 inch rail around top. I carry my gas auger and all my other gear on it. It goes good on ice or a couple inches of new snow but I have trouble on 4 inches or more of wet snow. It is kind of a 2 man operation acct. my aprox. 60 or 80 lb. Eskimo 3 man pop up. The ski’s are adult metalic . If I had it out of my shed I would have taken a pic. of it.~~~~Gene

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