Stoeger Shotguns Good or Bad?

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    Been looking at a Stoeger Over/Under shotgun and was wondering if anyone has had any expirience with them? They are priced fairly aggressive but I wonder how thet hold up? You know the old saying go’s you get what you pay for, but now days I wonder if that is still true with most things? Thanks

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    Owned by Browning. A little lower quality, bit price points are good. Big in the single shot arena. Everyone I know who owns one likes it.

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    Got a buddy who’s on his third because the firing pin on the first barrel has failed on all of them. They replaced the gun the first two times. This time they “fixed” it. It stays in his gun cabinet.

    I would steer anyone away from Stoeger over/unders.

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    i dont know about the over and unders but the semi autos are very good guns, exact same gun as benelli m1.

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    cabelas just recently stopped selling them, they are having problems with the barrell meeting the reciever i think is what the guy told me. i was goona buy a semi auto but not anymore.

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    i dont know about the over and unders but the semi autos are very good guns, exact same gun as benelli m1.

    Buddy just bought a over/under for like $300 decent looking gun.

    He let me shoot a couple rounds of trap wit it. All I can say is WOW I went 24 for 25 back to back. Then tried again the over night 23 for 25 and a 22 for 25! Hell of a trap gun. I think it would be a great grouse and rooster gun as well.

    Cant beat the price

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    I’ve had an over/under for 6 years. It was an impulse buy at the time, but I really like it for the price. Have knocked a lot of roosters out of the sky, some at quite a long range. Have shot a lot of trap with it as well. Have never had a problem with mine.

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    For just a little more money I would look at the Mossberg silver reserve line, great looking guns and I have heard only good about them.

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    I don’t know about the Stoeger, but take a look at the CZ Redhead O/U. I love mine. It practically points itself. Seems when I try to help it I miss….

    big g

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    I have a Model 2000 semi auto, and shoot an Uplander(side by side) quite often. Put a LOT of rounds through both and never had a problem with either. IMO they shoot great for the price.

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    I was in the same boat as you a couple years ago.
    I was seriously looking at Stoeger and I found a used cheap off brand from an IDA-er. I just couldn’t justify spending a ton of money on a O/U having never shot one. I found out I love carrying this thing in the woods. It’s a foot shorter than my 870 pump and swings nice.

    Yep it’s not a Citori but I don’t worry when it gets scratched either. There’s tons written on Stoegers in gun forums. I say try it you might like it, I know you already like the price.

    Good Luck,


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    I wanted an O/U for quite awhile, but didn’t want to fork over the big dollars for a gun that inevitably would be used in some rough conditions. I just wanted a quality gun that I wouldn’t be afraid to get scratches on. I looked at Sparta, Tri-Star, Stoeger, etc but finally chose the Stoeger Condor Supreme. I really liked that fact that it has a single-selective trigger, automatic ejectors, and interchangeable chokes. The walnut on mine looks as good as any high end gun. The etching is a little rough, but what do you expect in a lower priced gun. This gun fits me absolutely perfect. I can swing the gun so easy and consistent. The first time I took it out hunting and fired at the first bird, I just knew this was a gun I was going to like. It just had that feel that I couldn’t miss. I haven’t put a whole lot of shells through it (maybe 250) but I haven’t had any problems. I would recommend the Condor Supreme to anyone.

    Here is a picture of the Condor Supreme from the Stoeger website: Pic of Condor Supreme

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    i also own a model 2000 semi auto and an uplander sxs 20 gauge, I absolutely love the 2000 and have beat the pee out of it for 4 years now. It performs awesome. The sxs is another story. The darn thing doesnt like to punch primers completely. Dents them and the shell wont go off. I have figured out that i have to keep the firing pin oiled well and it will work. I think it would help if i shot about 10 rounds of trap but i dont shoot the gun much as i take the model 2000 out on most hunts. Overall I would recommend Stoeger shotguns. They fit well and I cant complain about the price!

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    The only draw back is that I think only the Supreme model has the auto ejectors as far as what I have read online. Never having shot an O/U before how critical is having the ejectors? I would prefer them but don’t know if it is needed? I hesatate buying a used gun because I had a bad expirience once with one. The dealer made it right in the end but someone could have been hurt, that someone being me. The end of the barrel blow open on a High Power rifle so since that day I have been derermined to buy new only.

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    I have the condor and the lack of auto ejectors is somewhat of an inconvenience, but I got used to it pretty quick. The only time it really becomes a problem is if you are trying to reload really quick. It may take you a couple extra seconds. I wouldn’t let it be the deciding factor. I don’t find it to be that big of a deal.

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