Eelpout Recipe

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    Well, I ended up cleaning three of these beauties from LOTW. Some catfish guys were nice enough to show me the finner points of getting all that good meat. Now, how do I cook them? I promised the parents a suprise for dinner.

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    Put chunks of meat into a pot of boiling water for 3 minutes. Take out and dip into melted butter, salt and pepper to taste and OOOHHH LLLAAAA LLLAAAA, Magnifico!!! Poor Man’s Lobster!!!

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    I have also had it boiled but the boiling water was full of spices and lemon juice I believe. Dipped in melted butter that was also seasoned with lemon and pepper. You can also blacken it in the fry pan and that will be good as well. Get the pan very hot and once the fish is in the pan place a lid on it and let it burn a little. Use any type of cajun blakening seasoning. I liked it as well.

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    I salt the water pretty good. About a 1/4 cup in a 2 qt pot. Chunk the pout to the size of tater tots. Cook three minutes, four tops. serve on plate with a tooth pick in each piece ready to dredge in melted butter.


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    Fry it up in onions, throw away the pout and eat the onions

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    I like ‘em beer battered:

    Cut the fish up in smaller pieces and then dredge them in flour. Dip ‘em in the batter and deep fry them at about 350 degrees or so.

    Simple and tasty beer batter recipe:

    2 cups of flour

    10 oz. Fosters beer

    a little cajun seasoning



    Slowly pour the beer in the flour mix until it’s nice and smooth and you’ve got yourself some awesome pout batter.

    Top it off with some lemons and malt vinegar and enjoy!

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    You can also pan fry it just like any other fish. Better than walleye.

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    I can’t find ours right now but if you can find a Torsk recipe it’s great.


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    Deep fry it up like catfish. Dredge consists of flour, corn meal, salt/pepper and garlic salt. I had never seen one of these until the weekend of Jan 6/7 of this year at WigWam on LOTW. Everybody said to cut the backstraps off and throw rest away. My buddy and I decided that it resembled a catfish so we cleaned one like we do catfish. We were amazed, after cleaning it looked just like one. We cut it into pieces and had the resort fry it up, tastes better than catfish. Trying to find someone to send some to Missouri, our catfish buddies here don’t believe us.

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    the best eelpout recipe

    3 lbs eelpout
    1 tbsp salt
    2 twelve oz. cans beer
    1 onion chopped
    3 tbsp butter
    mix all stuff except beer in a pot and boil for 15 min then through the the whole pot outside
    and kick back relax and drink your beer

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    I went with the boiling method and it was great. My Mom will not eat Venison or Pheasant, but she kept going back for more pout. My brother went as far as to say it was better than lobster.

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    I use a Sunbeam Steamer. That is the best way to make them for me. Tulipee too! Salmon as well!
    The steamers are cheap, and can be bought at Walmart. That is the best way to make veggies and hard boiled eggs too!

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    I like to throw the loins of the pout on a George Foreman grill or broil them. Melt a little butter for dipping and squeeze some lemon on them if you like. They are very good. It’s a shame so many are left on the ice to waste. How long do hard boiled eggs take in the steamer?

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