Waterproof sprays for boat covers???

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    I would like to find some kind of water proof spray to reseal my canvas boat cover. Just wondering if anyone has done this and what you used? Do they make a spray with some kind of UV protectant added?


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    I attempt to support my covers enough that they will never hold water. Thus you are really only concerned about water repellency. Most modern cover materials are more than sufficient as they are.
    If you need to try something I would recommend something like camp-coat. An aerosol water repellant normally intended for tents and storm flies.

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    3m makes an outdoor waterproofing stuff that works good, for a period of time, you may have to do it a couple times a year, kind of spendy in the can, but it really does work. I would call a local canvas shop, and see if they have something.

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    Scotchguard. Its kinda like duct tape…A thousand uses! RR

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    Yeah that’s it I couldn’t for the life of me remember scotchguard

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    I used Thompsons water seal ($9.00 a gallon). It doesn’t work on anything else but it sure works great on canvas. During both the SD and MN openers it rained a ton and the canvas beaded water flawlessly. Just take a weed sprayer pump it up and done in 10 minutes. Two applications in the spring and it should work all summer long. It gives it kind of a oil skin shine when done. I am sure there are other products out there but that’s what works for me.

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    As crazy as this TazTyke character sounds ( ) it really does work very well. I did my cover with the Thompson’s and a hudson sprayer and the water just beads off when it rains. It only takes about a half hour from start to finish!
    Hey TazTyke, you ready for me to show you how to really catch walleyes this fall???

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    3M products have never disappointed me. But the Thompson’s thing sound good too.
    Any more recomendations?

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