Skeeter Boat Center in Ramsey, MN – Press Release

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    For Immediate Release

    Skeeter Boat Center to open new facility in Ramsey, Minnesota

    Don’t be surprised to see more shiny new Skeeter boats in the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes – Skeeter Boat Center is opening a facility in Ramsey, Minnesota.

    “Thanks to the near-legendary customer service at Skeeter Boat Center’s Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, location, you can bet you’ll be meeting new Skeeter owners at boat ramps all over Minnesota,” says Minneapolis-based James Holst, host of the In-Depth Outdoors TV show on Fox Sports North.

    “Minnesota anglers have long heard the praises sung of SBC, but Chippewa Falls is pretty blessed far for someone coming from, say, Alexandria or Duluth,” Holst says. “With an SBC in Ramsey, MN, tapping in to everything Skeeter Boat Center offers now requires a lot less windshield time.”

    The new Skeeter Boat Center is scheduled to open Feb. 1 at 9421 Hwy. 10 in Ramsey, Minnesota. “The location is awesome,” Holst says. “Very convenient for anglers headed north and west from the metro area to fish.”

    Skeeter Boat Center will be a “welcome addition” to the Twin Cities metro’s fishing community, says Minnesota angler Brian Hoffies in an online-forum post about the new facility. “I’m sure that they will bring the great customer service and attention to detail that has made them a success in Wisconsin.”

    That’s the goal, say both owner Dave Markquart and General Manager Dean Marshall.

    “At Skeeter Boat Center, we want to be known as the place to buy a quality, fiberglass fishing boat,” Markquart says.

    “Our focus is on providing the highest level of customer service found anywhere in the industry,” Marshall says.

    Staff at the Minnesota location will follow the example set in Wisconsin by providing an easy and enjoyable shopping process, and responsive, personalized Yamaha Five Star service on every boat sold. Five Star Service includes emergency service, fiberglass repair, accessory installation, boat winterization and storage.

    The Upper Midwest’s number-one-volume Skeeter dealer, Skeeter Boat Center houses a huge selection of deep-V’s, multi-species, bass boats, fish-and-skis and bay boats – it’s the Midwest’s largest selection of Skeeter fishing boats. And they’re all priced to move.

    “You’ll be hard pressed to find a better price anywhere,” Marshall says. “One of the ways we’re doing that is by offering our Best Price Guarantee. If you live anywhere within our extensive territory, we will match or beat any price on a new, current-model Skeeter from anywhere, guaranteed.” Also, Skeeter Boat Center takes trade-ins or will consign your current boat.

    The new Skeeter Boat Center facility will also carry War Eagle fishing and hunting boats, as does the Chippewa Falls store.

    The official boat of Ducks Unlimited, War Eagle has been long known for being one of the industry leaders in jon boats.

    “Many of us are multi-taskers when it comes to our boats, so if you are a hunter or trapper as well as a fishing guide, bass fisherman, walleye angler, or pan fisherman, the War Eagle boat line up is another option for your consideration,” Marshall says.

    Holst has no doubt that Skeeter Boat Center will succeed in Minnesota.

    “They set the bar for customer service mighty high,” he says. “But more than that, they offer the best pricing and provide knowledgeable advice ¬¬– before, during and after a sale – from staff that are also experienced anglers themselves.”

    They also focus on fun.

    “Our mission – and our motto – is to help you have fun fishing,” Marshall says. “That’s still our number-one goal.”

    To that end, SBC hosts numerous fishing seminars and clinics with leading TV and tournament anglers and holds several ride-and-drive events every year.

    “Stop by for a visit, we’d love to talk fishing with you!” Marshall says.

    More about SBC

    Skeeter Boat Center was founded in 2008 in Chippewa Falls, with a goal of offering personalized purchase and service experiences to dedicated fisherman. In the past five years, SBC has grown to be the largest Skeeter dealer in the Midwest, and the second or third largest Skeeter dealer in the country the last two years.

    The Skeeter Boat Center staff comprises expert fisherman who can understand your needs, help you buy the right boat, deliver outstanding service after the sale, and help you catch more fish.

    “Many thanks to our loyal customers who patronize and refer fellow fisherman to our business!” Markquart says. “Our expansion to Ramsey, Minnesota will better serve customers in Minnesota and west, while our original location at 321 Prairie View Road in Chippewa Falls will continue to deliver outstanding service to customers in Wisconsin, SE Minnesota and east. Our goal will always be to help avid fishermen everywhere Have Fun Fishing!”

    More about Yamaha 5 Star Service

    Only dealers actively involved in special training courses can claim Yamaha’s Five Star Certification. The training includes a combination of technical course work for technicians, service-management courses for service managers, and business-management for dealer principals or store managers.

    Dealers who sell Yamaha marine products exclusively and demonstrate the highest level of commitment to training can earn Five Star Gold, the top dealership certification level available. In choosing a Five Star Gold dealership, you can be confident that you will be able find Yamaha products on their shelves and receive a high level of service for the point of sale and after.

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    Brian, a little press time!

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    just proves you never know who’s reading what.

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    So awesome! Had the pleasure of taking a tour last week with Cal.

    Very excited and hoping to have a skeeter behind my truck down the road!

    You guys are gonna do awesome!

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    Where do you guys plan on doing test drives out of the Ramsey location?

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    Congradulations guys on your new location. I will be stopping in when I am up in that neck of the woods for Game Fair.

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    Here’s the “starting lineup” crew at the new Ramsey, MN location.

    Left to Right… Lynn, Dean (kneeling), Jim, Tony and Cal. Oh yeah, and Drake the Lab.

    Part of me wants to have a “caption this” contest for Dean’s kneeling pose holding the tape measure in one hand. The empty plastic bag in the other. The better part of me knows better than to open that can o’ worms.

    Congrats again, guys. I look forward to listening to each and every one of you carry on about how you don’t have enough time to fish any more since the new store opened.

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    “Have an empty cookie bag, will travel!” ????

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    Gus looks a little worried about the Tony guy.

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    “Have an empty cookie bag, will travel!” ????

    Being a resident of Minnesota now, you do understand you need to claim cookies as taxable income in Minnesota.

    I know it seems unfair but……we have stadiums to pay for.

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    Gus looks a little worried about the Tony guy.

    Wondering how he will ever get a scrap of food with that bunch of guys.

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    Lynn will take care of him. I’m still worried about Tony.

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