Planer boards for river Steelhead???

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    Well after float fishing for Steelhead for about a month, I was thinking about some new methods I could try out to catch these summer run Steelhead. After taking a few fish casting plugs, I thought what would happen if I used a small planner board to get my plug way out there, in water that no one has really touched. A little skeptical about the idea, I had to give it a try. Although it was a little tough working my board out in the current, the method worked great! Everyone on the river was looking at me like I was crazy until I started hitting fish!! I used my spinning rod set up that I use for Kings. What I would do is stand as far out as I could to get out into the faster current. Then I would cast my plug out about 20ft. and attach my board. Then I would slowly work my board out until it got to where I wanted it. After that, I would simply hold my board in the current, and let the current work my plug for the most part. If I went 10 minutes without a bite, then I would drop it back, and/or work it upstream. I was running 14lb fluorocarbon. I was surprised how well it worked, and I can’t wait to start experimenting with it more for Salmon and Steelhead!! One thing I learned, is you need a lot of space to use this method as well. I couldn’t get any footage , because I had lost my camera on the banks of the river a few days prier to this expedition, but here is a video I did from my summer river fishing adventures if anyone wants to check it out!!

    Any one else ever try this method out?

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    sure are some nice fish!

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