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    hey does anyone own or have any info on the stratos 326xf. Im thinking of buying one and have looked it over but I would like to talk to someone about the ride and the quality of the boat.

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    Shoot John Schultz a PM. He’s guiding out of this boat and should be able to give you some good feedback!


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    John just left for Alaska yesterday. I believe he will be back on the 20th.
    I’m not sure if his cell phone will work from up there so
    if you do shoot him a p.m., it might take him a few days to get back to you.

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    I’ve had the pleasure of fishing out of this boat with John a number of times. It rides very nice at low and high speeds. Fit and finish are as good as any boat I’ve been in. I’d buy one in a second if I could afford the payments. I really like the jump seats in the back with storage under them. His has a Yamaha 4 stroke and a kicker. The boat is well balanced and has good storage. I really like the way the electronics are recessed into the dash and up by the Terrova. They don’t block your view at all when moving around. I’m sure he will chime in too but I think it is as good or better than any Ranger.

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    PM sent Yoshi

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    I’ve been running a 326 for about 10 months now. I really enjoy fishing out of it. Tons of room and lots of storage. Boat tracks well and handles everything I’ve put it through. I’ve had two guide trips this year in 30+ mph winds and the boat handled the big waves with ease. Very dry. The only negative I’ve found is that with the high sides, it does catch a bit of wind, but I have yet to be in a situation where I can’t compensate for the wind effects. I’ve fished out of rangers and skeeters and would match this up against them any day. All good rides that each have their strengths. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a pm or give me a call. I’m in Alaska right now so am only occasionally accessible but will get back to you as soon as I can.

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    John thanks for the info. what outboard are you running and whats your top end speed? Also does the boat and hull deliver a solid ride in rough water?

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    I have a Yamaha 225 off-shore on mine. I am running a 21 pitch Saltwater II series stainless prop. The fastest I’ve seen is 62 GPS with a light load and only me in the boat. With 4 big guys, a full livewell, and 3/4 tank of gas I was able to get 56. I think I could do better with a different prop, but I haven’t gotten around to testing any other props yet.

    Biggest water I’ve been in was about 4 footers, which the boat handled very well. It is long enough that once you get up on top, before you start down one wave, the bow is well onto the next one and you pretty much just stay on top. Not sure where you are from, but if you are anywhere close to Portage WI, I would be happy to take you out for a ride so you can see for yourself. Just let me know.

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    Just picked up my 326 w/225 Etec. Just over 58mph with factory prop. 36v Terrova runs all weekend when I am bass fishing at our cabin in WI. Going up to Lake of the Woods this weekend. Tons of run and storage. First time on big water with it.

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    I’m two years into mine and still love it.

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