Tankless Water Heater for Cabin? Good or Bad idea?

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    Our 40 gallon propane water heater is due to be replaced and we’re looking at Tankless system to be more efficient and also save some space in our cabin’s cramped utility room. We drain our water lines every fall and do NOT have a water softner installed on our well. The cabin only has 1 bathroom so it really only needs hot water for evening showers and the occasional rinsing of dishes in the sink (no dishwasher)

    My questions are as follows:

    1) Will the lack of a water softner hurt a tankless unit? will corrosion be an issue?
    2) Are tankless systems ok to be drained completely in the fall and then primed back up in the spring?
    3) Are tankless systems as reliable as standby tank systems?
    4) I believe our current tank system uses a power vent to blow exhaust out, can tankless systems do the same?

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    We have a ranaii spelling? Tankless in our cabin for about 5it years it is direct vent. It keeps up with shower and wash machine running at same time no problem. Only thing to get used to is that you have to let water run to purge cold water out of pipes. We do not drain system so I cannot answer that question. We bought it due to size considerations and why keep water heated when not in use for long periords. Would buy again.


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    No water softener will hurt any system. No matter if its tankless or tank system. You should be able to drain them and leave them without water. But different manufactures have different point of view. Some might actually require you to leave some type of solution inside to prevent from corrosion. But you would have to call the manufacture and see what they would recommend so you don’t void the warranty. Tankless and standby are exactly the same thing. If you are talking about comparing reliability of tankless compared to tanked system. They are just as reliable. I’m a hvac pro and the only flaw to tankless is that they don’t haveuch room inside. Sometimes if a part goes bad you have to rob the whole thing apart to get to it. And yes all tankless come with a exhaust fan build in it. That’s like a standard feature in every water heater now.

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    Great questions. We are looking into similar options.

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    I would not get a tankless water heater. Cost is high, maintenance/repairs are high, yes it might be more efficient, but you will lose those dollars saved in repairs. Futhermore, you aren’t there enough to justify the savings. Go with a standard water heater gas or electric.

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