Echotail fishing lures.

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    I was looking at these lures online, they appear to be like a blade bait with a soft plastic grub attached to the back end of them.
    It looks like a new company in Wisconsin is making them.
    I am wondering if anyone has used them and their thoughts on them.

    Iowa Roger

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    I have not used them myself but a buddy did last fall and was doing pretty good with them!

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    I used the 1/4oz echo tail blade a couple weeks ago on pool 4. Very little vibration and the most worthless tiny hooks I’ve over seen! Two thumbs down from me!!!

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    I’ve used them side-by-side with the blades I make for lake MI. trout. My opinion is you need to jig them way too fast to get a good vibration. I’m sure that is the concept of the grub tail, but I didn’t have good results with them. For me, the original blade bait body style is still #1 when it comes to blades.

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    You mean Ted Peck is wrong declaring them the best bait on the market for eyes. LOL

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