How To Catch Walleye on the Mississippi River

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    Video Details: Season 7 – Episode 16. Filmed late February 2013. James Holst and In-Depth Outdoors Field Staff member Eric Rehberg fish the Mississippi River on Pool 4 at Red Wing, MN for late winter walleye grouped below the lock and dam in advance of the spawn.

    To watch Season 7 – Episode 16, click on the video player above OR use this direct link >>> Pre-Spawn Walleye on the Mississippi River at Red Wing, MN

    Don’t forget to set those DVRs or tune in next Sunday at 8AM on FSN to catch the show!


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    Good show James and Eric!

    The underwater video of the Pulsar and Moxi in action is awesome. It shows the action of the two different baits in the moving water without leaving it to the imagination!

    I know my first time to the river everyone was catching fish around us and we never had a bite. Since we were lake fishermen, we were jigging and jigging, the longer we fished the harder we jigged.

    It was Rivereyes that posted “find bottom, lift and hold…hold…hold” that finally connected in my little mind. It seems for new folk, this is the hardest part to remember.

    Those shots show how the river does the work for the angler.

    I think that show will be used as a reference for a long long time!

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    Great show!! I need to get up there some time.

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    You just gave everyone the key to how to catch them on Pool 4 right now. Exact bait and method I just used on Friday to land a limit for 2 with average fish being just under 3lbs. Excellent video.

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    Ding, ding, ding. The light went on for me. I’ve fished other rivers, mostly the Wisconsin, but was always battling the current instead of making it work for me. I also literally dragged (the bottom) and snagged/lost alot of tackle. Now I know to hold off of bottom. In the last few episodes I really enjoy the fact that they explain “boat control”. These guys answer questions, most other shows leave you asking more. All in all, thanks, and keep them coming.

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    thanks alot… wallet is now lighter…but I got a bunch of new colors on the way….hehe!

    Wish I had a boat to fish out of, so I could head down there!

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    Why did James have colored line and Eric have clear line? It didn’t seem to matter since both were catching fish. Should you be using colored line in the river?

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    James was fishing mono and I was fishing crystal fireline. Personal preference as to what type of line you want to use but you may have to adjust your jigs size according to line size. My eyes are still good enough to see the white line but have used the yellow fireline for years without any difference noticed in fish catching rates. The same would go for mono.

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    I did not need to watch that video. I was happy extending my icefishing season into the beginning of “spring” until I did.

    I watched it (gread vid,BTW) and immediately went to my basement and broke out the ringworms and twisters,paddletails and hairjigs and “main” jig box. Brought in the crankbaits and bait rigging boxes out of the boat from fall. Tossed in a heavier rod and headed to Milwaukee to make sure everything worked well,boat started decent and caught a bonus few brown trout…

    Put away the tip-ups and fixed a couple little things in the boat today…

    I’ll be on the river sooner than if I hadn’t watched.


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    Less is MORE!!! Excellent job guys!!!

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    Do you always drag jigs downstream? Is there a point where the current gets too swift that dragging becomes ineffective?

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    I usually drag both upstream and downstream. Depending on current speed and water clarity will dictate what size jigs, speed and colors of plastics. Both will work just have to let the fish tell you.

    The current can get to fast to effectively drag, but when that happens you can usually head closer to the shorelines and get out of the main rush of current and still catch fish. You will have to adjust your jig weight though.

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