the bimbo skunk lure

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    Hey all. Has anybody heard of this lure? Was reading that it is great for gill and crappie. (uses a number 10 hook)

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    I had a different “bimbo” in mind. Sorry

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    Oh my.

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    yes I have herd about these some guys have ben useing them around here and say they are awsome Ihavent tryed any yet but plane on it. I have ben duck hunting in the dakotas cant weight to get back on old miss.

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    They are all over another site as the go to lure for pan fishing. I have some, and may not have used in the right application yet, but have not had luck of any kind when I have tried. I have been using the gulp 1″ minnows on small jigs, drop shot rigs with plain gold hooks and both ways have worked. Each time I tried the skunk, just didn’t do it for me. Hoping that changes next spring.

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    I’ve tried them a couple times with no luck. I wouldn’t call them a lure, more like a fly. I have heard of some guys having great success though using them.

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    Along those lines I am buying a few jigs that use feathers and yarn this year. I like the idea of broken up profiles just like when I use firetiger colors that have a lot of contrast.

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    It’s probably a decent lure. I do not plan on buying any as I have more than enough of the latest,greatest baits from the past couple decades. Sometimes that bait is good,other times not.

    Thge Bimbo skunk has been billed as the very best possible panfish bait…When I was a kid,I used to raid the refridgerator for panfish bait. Tiny cubes of Velveeta or other cheese,bits of hotdog,raw bacon,tiny chunks of last night’s leftover pork…Tiny breadballs….They all seemed to work equally well. Some stayed on the hook better,but during warmer water periods,bluegills just ain’t that tough to catch.

    Not much beats a piece of worm on a #8 tru-turn. I prefer a #6 so little ones can’t take it as deeply as often.

    Icefishing’s a little different but a small ice jig and a spike or plastic…

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    I’ve been lured in by a few bimbo skanks over the years.

    Oh, you said SKUNK. Nevermind.

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    Ooops. :-)

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