Ford F150 V8 vs EcoBoost 6 Cyl ?

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    I’ve seen a number of conversations with the new V6 users being happy on this site…. has anyone compared the EcoBoost 6 cylinder the smaller (305) V8 now available? I’m coming from the larger 5.4 liter (350 or whatever) in my last couple Fords, and love the motor… milage sucks, but what doesn’t.

    I tow a 17 foot Lund Fisherman… not that big of a deal. I’m hoping for some feedback on users of the 5.0 liter V8. Economy, and overall driving satisfaction.

    I’m stuck deciding between those two engines. Also, a little concerned about the long term durability of the higher tech 6. Any insight would be great. I’ve always just gone bigger and been happy, but times have changed.

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    I’ve had a new F-150 SuperCrew with the Eco-boost for 6 months. Overall, I like the truck. I also pull a Lund 17′ Fisherman. Mileage improved after the engine had 5000 miles. This probably doesn’t help you in choosing between the V8 & V6. I drove both. The V8 sounds really good. I opted to go with the V6 primarily hoping for best mpg and possible resale down the road. There is another web site that has lots of info on the F-150. Take a look at it. It is F 150

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    I have a 2011 eco boost and love the truck. Has more power and better fuel economy than my previous Nissan Titan. I would not choose the 5.0 liter ford engine over it because its a bigger engine with less pros. The 3.5 has it all power, fuel economy, and i have only 20,000 miles on it so we will see about the durability. I’m just giving you my opinion. Good luck shopping and let us know what you decide please!

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    Why settle for less buy a Chevy and get the best! AWESOME MPG!

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    Thanks guys… and I will check out the forum as well. Leaning towards the 6, but…

    Millerman, I would sell my boat and quit fishing before I bought a Chevy, but thanks for the helpful post.

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    You will be very happy with the eco boost. My brother and dad both have one. 17 to 18mpg pulling his 16.6 lund and averages 20mpg on the highway. That is running 87 octane as well not 89.

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