Quantum or ABU Garcia ?

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    I know this may be a Chevy versus Ford type of question but I’ll ask anyway.

    I am looking to purchase a new spinning reel. I have narrowed it down to two models. Yes I know there are other choices but lets keep the opinions just on these two choices.

    (A) Quantum Catalyst PTIC10

    (B) ABU Garcia Orra SX10

    I am looking for honest first hand experiences, tell me what you like or don’t like about either one. Thanks

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    Quantum. I currently run mostly the Tour Editions. However, I kept 2 of my Catalyst in the 30 for using for Lake MI. Those 2 reels have been put through the worst of conditions, crap load of browns, chinooks cohos, steelhead….and function perfectly. No sticky spots in the drag and no initial “peak” to have the drag release line.
    I love the bail wire design in these reels. The titanium wire (with normal abuse) returns to its form. This was a concern of mine when I first got them. I also like the narrower bail roller. VERY SELDOM does the line ever wrap around the outer side of the bail roller. This keeps your line abrasion free by not having that god forsaken groove form on the outer side of the mechanism. In the last 4 years, I have been through over 40 quantum reels, most of which I have sold to guys here on IDO. I sold every one of them with confidence because I know how well they performed each year for me.

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    Quantum has never let me down

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    The Orra looks like a nice reel, but I cannot comment on its performance.Quantum baitcasters have been flawless for me over many years… Randy turned me on to the Catalyst last Jan when we hammered the big browns on blades. That 15# Brown proved to have a wonderful drag, even in the cold weather…allowing me to land a 15# trout on an 8# leader.

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    Thanks guys for the feedback. I had a chance to handle the Quantum and it does indeed seem well built. I’d still like to see an Orra in hand before deciding. If I can’t find one locally I may end up getting the Quantum.

    Thanks again for your responses.

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