Mille Lacs Ice Shack Rental?

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    Hey guys me and 5 other of my buddies are thinking of coming to Mille Lacs next week for 2 nights and was wondering what everyone suggested for places to go. We are in college so we need something cheap. I have looked at a lot of places online and after a while they all start looking the same.

    I have never fished there before so dont know where would be the best. My buddy has went a few times but the fishing was not very good.

    Any suggestions would help!! Thanks

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    Hunters Point is where i keep my house and George has a great service and his hospitality is second to none. The on site bar is top notch too. He has some 10′ x 24′ or 30′ houses that should suit you boys just fine. -Mark

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    I’ve had good luck out of Red Door.

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    If you want cheap you can find it (south side), if you want something a little nicer I would look North to the Red Door.

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    We’d be happy and very appreciative to host you and your gang next week.

    We’re hoping to have good ice by then and have some houses out. Everything is on hold right now, so we can’t say one way another how things will be “next week”. Follow our updates on the “North Shore Lake Conditions ” thread on this Mille Lacs IDO page. And surely feel free to call the office if you have any questions.

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    I don’t think you will find much cheaper than the Red door’s motel rooms. Heck, they the best deal around.

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    We went out of Fisherman’s Wharf last week and were pleased with the price (70 bucks a night for 2 bunk) and the fact that our house was on some nice perch They are plowing pretty far out and have a lot of rentals out already on the southeast part of the lake.

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    I second Fishermans Wharf, they are out to 4 mile now and the rates are less than others i found. I am staying next weekend and it was $250 for a basic shack and that included three nights and not just two that the others give.

    good luck if you havent got one yet though.


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    I’d check out Macs Twin bay, the nicest houses I’ve ever been in!!! The roads are plowed out the the gravel and rentals are out there too… I caught some nice walleyes on the gravel in my portable yesterday!

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    I would go with Nitti’s Hunter’s Point Resort. They used to be a site sponsor here until some “miscommunication” concerning a GTG.

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    east side – Hunters

    west side – twin pines.

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