Walleye Season extended?

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    I’m just curious if anyone had information about a rumor I heard that the DNR was going to extend the Minnesota walleye season to the end of Feb.?

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    The end of the inland walleye season is Feb 26.

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    Just read the regulation book and it says that the season on inland waters is the 19th of Feb. Have they changed it?

    avatar jon_jordan 
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    I also have a reg book that says the 19th. But according to the MN DNR website, it’s now the 26th. Not sure when it was extended or if there were a bunch of miss-prints…?


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    I e-mailed thr DNR and they said that it is open through the 26th of Feb. They said it changed in the new leg session, and this will be the regulation from now on the walleye and northern season will close the last sunday in Feb.

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    So it lasts until your fishing license expires (roughly). What a concept.

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