Looking For A Goose Breast Marinade

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    I received some goose breast from a good friend who went out West and pounded the snow geese. So far I have rubbed them down with melted butter, Garlic, rosemary and some lawry’s and broiled them.

    I’d like to find a marinade to soak the breast in before wrapping them in bacon and putting them on the grill.

    Anyone have a favorite marinade for me to try? We are looking to finish these goose breast off with something a little different!

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    Soy va Very teriyaki, then wrap in bacon, the sweet teriyaki with the salty bacon….mmm, we even cut a slit in the cube of goose breast and insert a slice of jalapeno filled with cream cheese. Just cut the top off a large jalapeno, get the seeds out and pack full of cream cheese, then slice and stick in your goose cubes.

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    I cube them up and soak in Italian dressing for 2-3 days in the fridge, wrap with bacon, put on skewer sticks, then throw them on the charcoal grill. When the bacon is done enough where you would just barley eat it then there done.

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    Goose Breast

    I do something very similar to this. However I dice up the bacon and jalapeno peppers and stuff the goose breast. Everything else is the same.

    Excellent recipe.

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    Soy, orange juice, fresh pressed garlic!

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    Finally, something i actually know something about.

    One year i LIVED on the geese i shot. Tried everything. Really like venison or beef better than goose.

    And one of my ‘employees’ ‘gifts’ me 400 greater canadas a year. That’s right, FOUR HUNDRED. I use about 100 myself.

    What i would do is similar to Gursky, i.e. marinate in citrus. The acid will help soften the meat, very important. Orange, lime, lemon, grapefruit all will work. If you don’t have FRESH lime or lemon, use REAL vinegar in an italian dressing type of thing. 6-24 hours in that.

    Then slice the breasts open and stuff them with a slop made of:
    1) cilantro
    2) onion
    3) gralic

    in equal amounts by weight (that’s a LOT of cilantro). You can add jalepeno to that if you like, but i’m not mexican and didn’t marry my mexican girlfriend. I cook norwegian.

    Stuff that into the slit and wrap with thick bacon and cook over VERY hot coals and very close to the coals. Sear until the stuffing is just starting to warm, then cover, shut off the air and ‘bake’ for 3-8 minutes, not too long.

    Even the suburban PETA women come back for seconds. Served that as part of the wild game feast at my wedding and we had equal demand for the goose vs the pheasant teriyaki…


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    4 oranges peeled
    3 lemons peeled
    1/4 cup braggs apple cider vinager
    1/2 tablespoon sea salt
    1/4 freash black pepper

    Break apart oranges and lemons
    Place in frying pan, bring to a boil add vinegar and let cool
    Remove pulp and add salt and pepper.place breasts in liquid overnight. Grill or broil.

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    I was going to tell you to marinate them in gasoline and throw them straight on the coals, but some of these actually sound pretty good. I had a few years in which I shot a bunch of them, and I always preferred making chili or pot pies out of them so I couldn’t tell I was eating goose!

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    I know a game warden that would probably read this post and say 400 geese ! I probably might want to look at a posession violation

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    I really like yoshidas. You can get it at sams club. For waterfowl its pretty dang good and easy.

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    Go to Traders Joes and buy the Terriayki marinade (Sokia?) It has sesame seeds in it, I marinade overnight and put it on my smoker. Slice fairly thin, its excellent.

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    Italian Dressing, red wine, soy sauce and whatever seasonings you like. I also soak the bacon.

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    I slice the breast into 3 peices…Marinate overnight in Zesty Itailian dressing then wrap thim in Bacon and grill..

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    I always marinate my pheasant in beer before making poppers. Marinate them in beer, or Gin and tonic. Yes gin and tonic.

    I did this to some chicken and it was the best chicken I have ever had!

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