Fishfinder “DownScan Imaging” Useful or a Gimmick?

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    I will probably get a fishfinder with GPS this spring and was wondering if the DownScan Imaging by Lowrance is a useful feature, or is it just another gimmick to catch fishermen?

    I am considering this unit as it looks good on paper and price (about $649), but could easily go with any of the other models or manufacturers.

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    Not a gimmick,will help you see more structure.

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    I find no practical use for downscan. Sidescan is priceless.

    avatar scottb. 
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    Downscan is not a gimmick. When fish are hugging tight to the bottom they are easily seen with downscan when not with regular. Also suspended bait and gamefish are better seperated with downscan.

    Both are priceless to me!

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    It is so good that I almost never use the normal view any more. Side scan is the best

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    Downimaging enhances what you already have with a standard fishfinder. Sideimaging lets you cover a football field wide path and see a almost photo like image of the bottom. Spend the extra $$$$, you won’t regret it.

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    If it were me, I would go with an HDS unit so you can add structure scan when you have the extra cash. The side scan is worth its weight in gold. The downscan is a nice addition, but I wouldn’t get a unit that didn’t allow me to add the sidescan in the future just to get downscan now.

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    Really depends how you fish and how you use sonar. Since being able to utilize 2d, sidescan and downscan all on the same screen of my 997, I now know more about my 2d than ever before. They are all very different, specific tools and NOT designed to replace. IMHO, if you are heading in the direction of downscan, get the HDS for the sidescan capabilities, otherwise you might be missing out.

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    The downscan will also let you pick out individual fish in structure or in a school. Check out Doc’s web page and his posts here for some side by side demos:

    avatar doc samson 
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    I have a StructureScan seminar scheduled at Rapid Marine, Ham Lake, MN 10-11 AM January 15. I will cover how the new technology works and show many screenshot examples of DownScan. DownScan is not a gimmick once you learn when it is useful. I will also be available to answer questions after the seminar. There is no charge for this seminar. I also have longer classes on the HDS and StructureScan (Basic and Advanced)

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    I would give up a normal sonar and GPS for Downscan/sidescan.
    Best money I have ever spent HDS-10 with the LSS1.

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    It’s worth it! You can see a ton of stuff with sidescan but downscan gives you more detail of individual objects.

    Here is another great example:

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    Absolutly!! Worth it!
    I’ve had it since the spring of 2006 It’s great!

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