Lund Vinyl Flooring, with Snap in carpet

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    I might know a fella that changed his mind about getting a new boat, and he might be wondering if anyone has a Lund with the vinyl floor with the snap in carpet. Any thoughts, good or bad. The vinyl is no additional charge, and the snap in carpet is $150. Doesn’t seem like a bad deal, but “he” is wondering about the durability, etc.

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    Fireflick has the vinyl on the boat he has posted for sale. From what I remember he really likes it.Maybe he will elaborate.

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    I got the snap carpet in my new Lund but have yet to even see it. I wanted it to take out when my dog goes out with me.

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    I really like the vinyl flooring. After a long day with the kid playing with the Night Crawlers makes all the difference. After a messy day all you have to do is pull it into the car wash and spray it out with a high pressure hose. Your floor will look like the day you bought it.

    During cold weather I really didn’t notice a big difference in the water freezing on the floor and making it slippery. It froze but didn’t really stick like it does on carpeting. My new Lund boat is having vinyl on the bottom of it again.

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    I went with vinyl, and really like it. Doesn’t look quite as fancy but neither do I, so it fits. Easy to clean and I’ve not had any problem slipping on it.

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