27, 29 or 31 Group Batteries?

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    I really don’t know a whole lot about batteries accept that they make my accessories work when hooked up correctly.

    So I assume that the 31 group will give me a longer run time (trolling motor) or longer periods between charges versus the 27 group and the 29 would be some place in between? Is this the only reason or is there more? Does a 12 volt versus a 24 volt versus 36 volt motor make any difference as to the group size?

    I have read several times on IDO to buy the largest battery possible (31 or 29)that will fit and can afford, but why?

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    Buy the biggest that will fit . I don’t have the exact specs, but the storage capacity difference between each group is very significant. I had 27’s and upgraded to 31’s and have not had any problems since.


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    my experience is the maxx29’s from walmart are a good value purchase – i have used them on my last seven boats over 8 years. they are a group 29 that have good cranking amps (for starting) and a good reserve capacity (for trolling motor applications) as they are a dual purpose battery.

    let me know if you have further questions.


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    5 returned batteries in 6 months turned me away from Wal Mart and batteries, only Interstates now group 31’s for the trolling motor, 29-31 cranking.

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    5 returned batteries in 6 months turned me away from Wal Mart and batteries, only Interstates now group 31’s for the trolling motor, 29-31 cranking.

    You must have the worst luck picking batteries. I’ve also had great luck with Walmart batteries. Great price, good quality, and great warranty/replacement policy if needed but have yet to need to utilize warranty in over 10 years of using their brand. Proper care and maintenance is the most important to keeping a battery operating properly.

    Remember most auto batteries are made by just three manufacturers, Delphi, Exide, and Johnson Controls Industries. Each makes batteries sold under several different brand names. Delphi makes ACDelco and some EverStart (Wal-Mart) models. Exide makes Champion, Exide, Napa, and some EverStart batteries. Johnson Controls makes Diehard (Sears), Duralast (AutoZone), Interstate, Kirkland (Costco), Motorcraft (Ford), and some EverStarts.”

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    The bigger the battery the more lead plates it has = more charge storage capcity, therefore the longer it will hold a charge and the longer it will keep your electronics working.

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    I have the 29 series everstarts from walmart, so far so far so good, I’m happy with them, 205 mintues of reserve capacity IIrc the last 31 torjan I bought was like 225, nearly as good for 1/3 the cost.

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    So anyone know what company makes the fleet farm marine batteries? Like i said in another post, all the ones they have at wal-mart here are old, and so far the fleet farm one i’ve been running on the trolling motor has been good, but i need a new starter/deep cycle.
    The energizer battery finally crapped out. Must have been ten years old, made by johnson. Any other suggestions where to get a good cheap battery?

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    Any other suggestions where to get a good cheap battery?

    I have had great luck with O’Reilly’s batteries. They have taken a beating and still worked great.

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    I run northern marine batteries. Best battery for the money. very thick plates to take a beating. 3 year warranty. I buy them direct froim manufacture. It is on pierce butler in st.paul. I run 31s did have 27s worked great just upgraded. 2nc choice interstate becuase the plates are also thick.

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