Tiller Boat, Which One To Get?

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    I sold my ’04 17′ Lund Explorer tiller last year, I liked the boat and wish I wouldn’t have sold it. Looking for another tiller, new or used, 17′ or bigger. Lund, Alumacraft, Ranger, or Skeeter, what does one get? Who has what, and what are your experiences?

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    I run an ’03 1890BT Warrior. IMHO there isn’t a “perfect boat” out there. BUT-this one has the ride and handling I prefer. No tiller boat is going to be totally dry while quartering into the wind, but this old guy doesn’t do a real bad job of knocking the waves down although I do get a shot in the face once in a while. The F115 Yammi is super quiet and sips gas, the 40 gal tank is a nice feature. It trolls about 2.3 fwd and 1.8 back trolling. Not a cheap boat to buy new, but there’s some reasonable used ones to be found if ya do some looking. jerr

    PS no matter what ya buy, keep it away from BK- -he collects drain plugs

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    It all depends on what kind of fishing you do and what you fish,where you fish and storage needed.
    I have a 16′ Lund tiller and I like it alot but I dont fish the BIG waters and mainly fish for walleyes and cats on the Mississippi river.

    If you were happy with your old model ,look for something close to it weather it be new or used.

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    I would try to get one that floats

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    I just purchased a 2006 Ranger 618T with a 90hp Mercury Optimax and so far I love it! There is so much storage for rods, tackle, life jackets, barley pops as well as interior room that I can believe it. I had a Ranger 690VS with a single consel and was happy with the boat, but lacked interior room and storage. I have had the 618t out 5 times since I got it in October and have been very satisfied. The only down fall is I was used to going 57 mph and now it is 38 mph, but the comfort inside far surpasses the 20 mph loss.

    Let me know if you have any other questions on it.

    Good Luck!


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    I bought a 1990 Tuffy and hung a new 60hp Yamaha 4 stroke on it. Don’t have to worry about it getting bumped, carpet spilled on or it starting and running.

    Best of all worlds for me. However there is a bunch of used boats around if you need “pretty & shinny”.

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    I’ve done alot of looking at these too. If I can talk the wife into it sometime I’ll be in a tiller too. If your looking at dollar for dollar the skeeter 2000t with a 115 seems like a steal to me. The layouts of these boats are great. Tops out right about 40 mph. If your looking for an 18 footer or less though I’d look at the ranger 618, Lund pro guide, or warrior backtroller. Just my .02.

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    I’m kind of looking too. Anyone have or been in a G3 Angler V162T or Angler V172T. They’re both rated 75hp, would a 60hp work ok on the V162T, it’s a lot less weight.

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    Bought a Ranger 620t 5 years ago with a Merc 125. Tiller handle is a bummer on this motor but it performs great and handles this boat with no prblems. Top speed about 40, trolls forward around 2.3 and in reverse about 1.5. Storage is unbelievable: 2 rod compartments with 7 rod tubes in each compartment, 2 livewells and 1 baitwell, 1 very large dry storage for tackle and such and another dry storage that works well for anchor lines and lifevests. Hope this helps.

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    I just got into a new Skeeter tiller last month. I went with the WX2000T (20 ft) with a 150 and a T-8 kicker. It’s a great boat. I’ve had it on some rough water and it’s still fast and VERY dry. The layout suits my needs perfect. I bought it at the Skeeter Boat Center and couldn’t believe the service I recieved. While I spent the day at the dealership for the final rigging I had a chance to look the smaller 1790 tiller over too. What a great little boat. It was designed with a smaller price and big water both in mind. I believe they still have the ’09 there and the price was incredible. Here’s the link to the Skeeter WX1790T.

    I believe they have a WX2000T or two in stock too.

    Don’t be afraid to give Dan Meyer a call over there. You won’t be disappointed.

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    The 1790t that ben mentioned is a GREAT boat. And I do believe you will be surprised on the pricing for that boat Very open concept and the trademark, lots of storage.
    Not sure what your specific uses are for this new boat, But I dont think you could go wrong with either the 1790t or 2000t. Just depends on your specific needs as to which one to get. Any questions at all either about a skeeter or any other thing let myself or Dan Meyer know and we will try our best to help out.

    Good luck on your search

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    I’ve got an ’06 1700 Explorer tiller, and would buy it or an 1800/1825 again in a heartbeat. However, I am a floor-room junky, so I’ve removed the rear livewell and re-located the starting battery to under the floor. Nice to have all that foot room for the size 12’s. I guess what I’m trying to say is if you liked your last one, and regret selling it, why not get another?

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    I love my 1800 pro-V tiller. Lots of storage! Rod locker is a huge plus.

    Madison, WI
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    I guess what I’m trying to say is if you liked your last one, and regret selling it, why not get another?

    I would get another Lund tiller. Never had a fiberglass tiller and don’t know what to expect. Looks like time is about to run out on trying out a glass boat anymore this year. The Skeeter dealer down here has one left and I’m waiting for a callback from the Ranger dealer.

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