Vinyl Floor Option in an Alumacraft

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    I have my boat search narrowed down to 2 Navigators, one has vinyl floor the other has carpet. The boats are the same price. Does anyone have any experience with the vinyl floor? Advice/experiences would be greatly appreciated.


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    I have carpet in my 07 Nav. 175 CS. I wish I had vinyl but
    there are tradeoffs. Vinyl is less maintenance but not
    as comfortable on the knees. It seems to get hotter than carpet as well.
    My wife and daughter appreciate the carpet
    over the vinyl that’s for damn sure.

    If it was just me I’d opt for the vinyl!!

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    Go vinyl for the spring and vinter trips and have a snap in carpet made for it when the wife and kids are out. Ranger has this option. My buddy loves it, we do too cuz we dont have to worry about dirty boots.

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    I will have vinyl in my next boat.

    If that’s the ONLY difference in the two boats…there’s nothing to think about.(for the way I fish)

    Good choice on the Navigator too. I hope you checked out our Alumacraft sponsor Sampson Marine.

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    for sny one that fishes the river in the winter months, vinal is a death trap! It get scary slippery after a morning of fishing, the plus is it easy to cean, but the negatives are it isnt a durable as one would think

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    I just looked at a rig that had an Alumacraft vinyl in it and it wasn’t what I thought it was. It wasn’t carpet but it was kind of textured, enough so that stink bait, would be a pain to clean out of it regardless. I need a rig I can take a hose to. I still don’t know what I want for interior after that. I like what the glass boats have in them. Anyone know a rig that comes like those do in an aluminum boat?

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    I think that PolarKraft has a vinyl option that you might be looking for.


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