Want to buy a small boat… flat bottom or v-hull?

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    I’m looking to buy a CHEAP boat, and wondering what everybody prefers for a hull on a small boat. What kind has more room, is more stable, etc..? Right now all I have is a 2.2L 4cylinder chevy s10(piece of junk) to haul it with, so i’m thinking something around a 14ft or 12ft boat, and very light. Going to school in winona, so would mostly be used for fishing mississippi and small lakes. I have kind of been leaning towards a flat bottom, but i have never fished in one that small. And if you have one for sale or know somebody that does, that would be great help too, thanks.

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    I would think a flat bottom would be the answer in 14′. JMO

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    if you get a 14ft, i would go with a jonboat, and get a wide one, like 48″.

    although, if you can find a 16ft boat, that would be best, jon or v-hull.

    and your s10 will pull any of those just fine.

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    Hi I have a 1992 tracker pro17,improved v-haul,40hp evinrude,minnekota 55lb thrust 12 volt trolling motor, aluminum boat. Eagle electronics,rod holders,rod storage,livewell,manual bilge pump,2 batteries included,new tarp,trailstar trailer,sparetire.I’m the orginal owner. Awesome river or small lake boat. The flat bottom improved v-hull allows you to float boat in eight inches of water.Currenetly I have the boat in storage.Please call if interested.(507)327-9462 anytime. Fish,Hunt,Eat,Sleep!

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    Listen to what Perch says about getting a wide flat! The jons are great boats for the river, the backwaters and small lakes, but if you stand in one with a narrow bottom, you’ll find it about the same as standing in a canoe. 45-48 inches should be a minimum bottom width to be safe.

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    I pull a 16′ Alumacraft Flat with the Modified front and a 25 Merc EFI 4 stroke with my Chevy Impala (it’s a 3.4) but it’s only rated for 1000 lbs.

    Anyway, it pulls like there’s nothing there, never had a problem at a landing, and I still get about 20mpg pulling the boat. We put a carpeted deck on mine and added all the bells and whistles to make it the ultimate little boat for the river.

    It has a MotorGuide Wireless, a 334C lowrance, 4 Ram rod holders, a bilge pump, livewell pump, control box, butt seat up front, and a nice drivers chair on the rear bench. The flats give you a blank slate and let you create your own boat.

    Also, I have a buddy who just got a wide/deep 14′ flat with the coast guard front on it, and he pulls it with a 1.8 Escort, so your 2.2 S10 should handle it fine.

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    I would have a 14ft v bottom for $300 at my cottage in Faribault mn. I could meet you there if you are interested. No motor just the boat. I don’t use it anymore but was a sound unit in camo.

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    I’d go semi v.

    The wind can push the front of a jon boat around.

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    I like my alumicraft semi V. It is a lot stronger and wider than the flat bottom I had a while back.

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    I forgot to mention mine is an Alumacraft model MV1648

    The MV1448 is a pretty nice rig too.

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