Trailer skis are done!!!

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    Just got home from building skis that go on to the tires of a trailer for pulling it across the ice and snow more easily! They are suprisingly strong and lighter than anticipated.

    The plastic skin will last for years and the wearbars are replaceable! These things will be amazing!!!

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    Nice skis, those straps where have I seen those before

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    Those are cool looking.
    A friend of mine had the same idea as you ,he used 2 very low dollar snow boards and installed wearbars on them also.

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    Those look sweet!

    Nice choice of beverage also..


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    Have u field tested them yet? They look pretty nice. They won’t twist off if you hit a rough patch. I was thinking of just about the same thing . Let me know how well they work.

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    I have a set too ask Huskyjerk to post the pictures. He made them for me. they work great.

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    Nice choice of beverage also..

    Agreed 110% there Jami

    Can someone explain the advantage of this over just pulling is across the ice/snow? It doesn’t seem like it would help much unless the snow were to get very deep.

    Regardless, Nice design!

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    Pete, behind a ATV, if you get off hard pack, the trailer will stop you in your tracks. That or you gotta punch it to keep the trailer moving. On these ski’s, it should “float” on top of the snow and pull alot easier.

    Hey Ritter… that ain’t “HIGH LIFE”

    big G

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    If you compare the footprint that a tires puts down compared to what skis put down its drastically different. the set that you see in the photos are on the bigger side and they measure 6′x15″ that equals about 1000in.sq. about 40x the area of a tire. also the skis “skip” over the potholes and ruts in the ice insteqad of dropping down in them. I think we all have lost our minnows because of the bumps…Just trying to minimize some damage to bait and equipment.

    Field trials are on sunday…Should be fun!!!!

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    Amazing, simply amazing! I had to sign in when I saw the pictures. This is something I’ve thought about on/off over the years, but nothing materialized. Just wandering when you made these ski’s & how long you’ve been using them? Have you made any changes or modifications? Also where did you get the square tubing? Was that a pre-build steel frame or did you make it from scratch? Appreciate any time you take in responding.

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    Hummmm, seems like I’m not the only one up later into the night wondering around.

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    what about fitting those wheel hoops found at motorcycle dealerships to the skis? some of the skis I’ve seen are drive on with no straps.

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    Sorry guys, I’m just seeing that this old post was dug up. The skis don’t get used very much any more because of other family commitments getting in the way.

    They are just collecting dust in the shed now and I’m getting sick of walking around them. Having a newborn at home really outs a damper on the fishing.

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