Fuel Mix For Magnum 3 auger

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    I have a question regarding the fuel to oil ratio for an older magnum 3 plus auger. Someone told me to mix it at 50 to 1 someone else told me 24 to 1. I am unsure what ratio to use. If anyone out there has any info I’d appreciate it. Thanks

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    alot of augers say right on top of the motor
    i guess more wont hurt it, i think most are 24-1 now

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    This was the first fall I sent my auger to Strikemaster for a tune-up. I’ve had it since 1997 and figured it was due.
    They told me a to mix the gas:oil at 50:1 although everything says 24:1 including their bottle of oil. (5.33oz)So I used half the bottle of oil to one gallon of gas.
    Ran great all winter with less smoke than before.
    I would start at 24:1 if it was new but if its already broke in I would go 50:1.
    I think you’d be O.K. with anywhere from 2.5 to 5 oz. of oil per gallon of gas.
    Don’t forget the Sta-bil.


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    give Cy at strikemaster a call he is service manager 763-263-8999

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    Can you post what you find out i would like to know if you can mix them 50 to 1

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    I have the strikemaster magnum 3000 ,it takes 24:1 ratio
    thats 5 oz.oil to 1 gal of gas.If the auger is plenty broke in you can run it alittle leaner,not richer…


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    Thanks for all the advice on the fuel mix. I ended up mixing the gas/oil at 32 to 1 (added a little extra oil for luck) . It seems to be running fine, with not a lot of smoke.

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