Best Ice Fishing Boots

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    What do you guys wear on your feet for ice fishing. I currently have Ice Kings, but they are steel toes and they weigh a ton. I move around a lot and usually have to walk a ways. My feet have been frozen many times, so it takes nothing for them to get cold. I was thinking something by Rocky, Danner, Irish Setter, or LaCrosse because I can get a deal on them. I want something I can wear while I am snowmobiling a couple times a year too.

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    danners work great for me

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    I just got done putting leather conditioner on both sets of Danners I own. Do I need say more?


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    Rocky Blizzard Stalkers are what i like best, they have a big sole on them and keep the cold out. Screw in 1/2″ Hex head screws into the bottom for a good grip. I use these boots for everything. Just dont forget you have the screws in them and walk in the house.

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    I will second the rockys. They are best to none for me, when this pair wears out I’ll be in a pair of rockys again.

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    my feet always got cold wearing the ice kings, i don’t know why. last year i bought a pair of irih setters 1000 pac boot for 90 bucks. it was some of the best money spent. great for standing in the woods for deer or on the ice, or in the boat. it did take awhile to get used to standing taller and walking stiff footed, but after that giv’r.

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    There are a lot of good boots out there these days but sometimes its not the boots that make your feet cold its the socks.If you wear too heavy of socks and your feet sweat they will get cold.

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    When it is bitter cold I go with La Crosse Iceman. They are discontinued now but they have a similar one under a different name. If it isn’t bitter cold, I like to go with a lighter pair of sorrels and I take those insoles that are like the hand warmers They are awesome. last 5-6 hours and toasty warm. Were poly propeline next to your skin. It will wick away moisture and dry is warm.

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    icekings for this guy, the steeltoes in your boots is probably the problem, I found the icemans are slightly heavier.I have to agree having the correct socks makes all the difference

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    I have never had problems with Ice Kings. I dont have steel toes. I have 2 pairs and have been using them for 10 years or more now, never got cold feet… never even a chill I can remember?

    I wear 1 pair of standard every-day socks in them, heavy socks get the feet sweating in them beast.

    The Ice kings are light in comparison to most other boots.. I like my Mickey Mouse boots (Ice Kings).. they are huge at size 13.

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    Definitely the socks! If you’re an active ice fisherman, you don’t need the heavy boots. Use poly or silk as first layer with a more insulated pair on the outside. Makes a huge difference. Your outside pair of socks will/should be quite damp by days end but not your feet…thus staying warmer.
    For stand hunting, I will do the same but use heavier boots or use my boot blankets. Good Luck.

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    If you want the warmest boots out there, get Bunny Boots/Mickey Mouse Boots or whatever you want to call them. They are still the best boot out there. I put as much time on the ice as anyone and believe me, they are the best.

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    Bunny Boots are the warmest yet to date. They are heavy and clumsey, but absolutely warm!!!!!

    Plus you should be able to find them relatively cheap!!!!

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    Thanks for the advice. I know the socks are big and usually I just wear a light wool sock. I was really leaning towards the Rocky Blizzard Stalkers, but they do not have half or wide sizes. The only problem with the Mickey Mouse boots is they are too big. I need something not so bulky.

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    I’ll third the rockies. I don’t have a 4 wheeler or snowmobile so I do lot of walking until the ice is safe to drive on. The blizzard stalkers are pretty comfortable to walk in and move around with. I’ve had mine 3 years with no problems. If you don’t move around much the mickey mouse boots are probably better and warmer.

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    I’ve been using a pair a Rocky snow stalker extremes for a few years now. No complaints, Just kinda spendy.

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    You get used to the size of the Bunny Boots. We put on miles sometimes on the ice, and I swear by them. If you are active and move a lot, most boots will keep your feet warm. If want a great deer hunting (they are rubber) and water proof (they are rubber) and warm boot (they are very warm) boot, I still recommend the Bunny Boots. That is all I where once it get cold.

    The Black ones will be plenty warm, no need to get the white ones. Oh, and they are very affordable compared to all the brand name boots mentioned above (which are all very good).

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    As I had mentioned in a few previous posts, I taught winter survival for the military for 10 years. The Mickey Mouse boots were an early version of boots that came out during the Korean war. They were leather, and rubber with liners like Sorels. The boots I think you guys are calling Mickey Mouse boots are what the Military calls VBB’s This stands for Vapor Barrier Boots. These boots can be worn with nothing more than a pair of athletic socks. Reason being is that they are a layer of rubber (The sole.) and a layer of felt, and another layer of very pliable rubber. This “Vapor barrier” traps heat from your foot, and does not allow cold to enter. It does not breath however. So long times outside without changing socks can be a problem. The best boot I have found to match this kind of performance was the LaCrosse Iceman which was mentioned above. They also incorporate a vapor barrier construction, and added the liner for dryer feet. I am not familliar with the Ice Kings. My Iceman’s have served me for 15 years now! They have been spectacular! The VBB’s can usually be bought at military surplus stores, and are hands down the warmest boots I have ever come across.

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    I own a pair of Rocky’s with 800 grms of thinsulate in them…I mostly ware one pair of cotton socks with them and if the weather is real cold I put on a real then pair of socks with them…my feet have never gotton so cold I had to come in off the ice. The wicking of the moisture from your sweating feet is the key to keeping your feet warm. If your feet get damp for any reason at all your done, no matter what boots you have.

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    I froze my feet for years until I got a pair of Ice Kings. You need to get the leather pair. Best boots I have ever owned but very bulky and heavy. Not good for walking.

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    I also have a pair of Ice Kings!! I have never had cold feet in them ever………best $100 I ever spent!

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    I can say with certainty, that these three boots will cover anything the world can throw at you temperature wise! These are the bots that were suggested for going to the arctic! Baffin Impact (any baffin that is that price or more is fine) Sorel Glacier III, and Acton Chimo (awsome boots but price may be an issue at $230.00 US dollars! So bottem line fellas, don’t mess with the mickeys, becuase their not going to cut it in the arctic, my personal advice all things considered including price, is go fo rthe Baffin Expeditions! $169.99 @ ! Cheers! Skol! Maseltof! (or however you say it)

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    I have had icekings for a nunber of years, and they have been great, my feet have never been cold so far.


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    Holy crap! Who dug this post out of the archieves. I saw my name for the poster and I thought maybe I was losing my mind.

    I still have the Ice Kings from the original post. Since then I’ve picked up a few pairs of quality wool socks and liners and that has made things much better.

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    I love my Schnee’s Hunter II pacs, warm yet not a bulky boot, the best boot around in my opinion. and i sometimes wear the muck boots wetlands. I got a pair of ice kings too, but they are just to big and clumsy.

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