Cat Tip of the Day – Gerry Rig Live Bait Clip

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    Most of us flathead chasers fish large live baits and most of us have lost fish when on the hook set the hook rotates in the bait and instead of hooking the fish it buries itself back into the bait. We end up pulling the bait right back out of the fish’s mouth instead of pulling the hook clear of the bait and into the fish’s mouth.

    For years I have been playing around with bridle rigs which are designed to ensure a clean hook set and eliminate the hook getting buried back into the bait. I’ve bought all kinds of different kinds of birdle rigs and even made my own from safety pins and other McGyver’d types of bridle rig setups with limited success.

    Last year I stumbled on the Gerry Rig Live Bait Clip and bought my self about 15 or so to try out. I had very good success with the Gerry Rig and what I liked the most was that they are relatively inexpensive – Gerry Rig (5 Pack) for just $5.95. Price includes shipping and handling. The Gerry Rig works great on circle hooks and that is all I use for catfishing so I don’t have any experience with J hooks. At about $6 you don’t have that much to lose by giving them a try – they may help you put a big fish in the boat. Here is the link to the Gerry Rig website:

    Here are a few photos of the live bait clip:

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    Steve, how do you run these with bullheads? Through the nostrils or the eyes? Look like a cool little deal!

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    That is an exact duplicate of what I’ve been imagining for some time now. Glad someone did the work for me.

    Now I’m just waiting for someone to come out with a rod holder for sturgeon fishing. This is actually something I plan on working on so I don’t want to give anything away.

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    Steve, how do you run these with bullheads? Through the nostrils or the eyes? Look like a cool little deal!

    Bullheads are a bit of a challenge. Their eyes are kind of wide apart compared to a sucker or a sunfish. The smaller ones worked OK but the big 10″ bullies are tough critters. I did hook bullheads right behind the dorsal fin and that worked OK.

    Trouble is a big bullhead is a strong bait – I’m still playing around with the best way to hook them with the live bait clip. I started taking a sharp needle and making bait clip holes in the boney top of their mouth and hooked them up that way. It worked pretty good and they stay alive forever. The roof of their mouths are almost armor plated.

    I am able to legally use sunfish on the St Croix as long as I am on the WI side of the river. The live bait clip works great on sunfish – they stay alive a long time where a large 5/0 or 8/0 hook kills them pretty quickly.

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    This works great Steve. Been using it sinceyour first post and I ran out of clips I bought in Florida. This works just as good!

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