how to adjust a choke cable on an ATV?

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    Hoping somebody can help me figure out how to adjust the choke cable on my ATV. It is a plunger type on a Polaris. When I pull the choke all the way out, it goes back in about half way. When its cold, it won’t stay running unless I hold the choke plunger out until it warms up, which takes a while. I’m assuming it needs to be adjusted. I had some carb work done on it and it hasn’t been the same since I got it back. I would take it back in, but I’m only home on the weekends due to work, and the guy that fixed it isn’t open on weekends. If I can fix it myself, I can save the trouble of trying to get it back to him.

    I know where the cable attaches to the carb, there is an adjustment nut and a jam nut. Which one is which and which way would you adjust it to get more length of pull in the cable? Don’t want to mess it up.


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    On my polaris Explorer 425, I had to adjust mine too. I think it’s just loosen jam nut and extend or take up slack on cable. Be careful not to go too far as it won’t idle down then…. I don’t think it’s a choke per say like on a lawnmower rather it’s an enrichment jet and the ‘choke’ lever just pulls a needle out of it to enrichen. Hope this helps

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    If it wont stay out, its real simple on a Honda, would guess the same on a polaris, Where you pull your choke out there is a rubberized cover at the base. Slide this up and there is a plastic nut to tighten the friction to keep the choke out. 10 second job.

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